Vampire Diaries Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries
8/7c CW
Vicki's dead? Didn't see that one coming. And neither did she when Stefan staked her last week. More surprises are in store tonight when Stefan celebrates his 162nd birthday and one of his oldest friends, Lexi (Arielle Kebbel), arrives unexpectedly to show him a good time. Of course, she's also undead and is 350 years old herself. But she's still smoking hot and is passionate about being with Stefan. And she's not going to let any mere mortal, like Elena, stand in her way. — Tim Holland

8/7c ABC
Alex Kingston, the former Dr. Corday on ER, guest stars as MI6 agent Fiona Banks, who takes part in an operation with Mark, Demetri and Gough concerning the Blue Hand club that may be linked to suicides. There are also developments with certain characters' flash-forwards: Aaron meets with one of his daughter's former Army pals, Demetri confesses his flash-forward (or lack thereof) to Zoe, and Bryce and Nicole decipher the mystery of his vision. — Jeff Gemmill

The Office
9/8c NBC
After blissfully marrying Jim in Niagara Falls, newlywed Pam's sweet life turned bitter when she returned to her 9-to-5 life to discover her mom, Helene (Linda Purl), is now dating none other than Dunder Mifflin's chief dunderhead, Michael. Horrified, Pam went ballistic, naturally. There's double trouble for her tonight when she and Jim, finally having run out of excuses, agree to go out on a double date with Michael and Helene. Let the cringing begin. — Dean Maurer

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
10/9c FX
The "kitten mitten" clip for Sunny has been pretty hard to miss lately, and in many ways the expression on Charlie's face when the poor mitten-wearing kitten falls off the table sums up the show's subversively gleeful approach to mischievousness and worse. Tonight's the night that the gang wraps an episode around that clip, and it involves (to put it corporately) "building the Paddy's brand." They're going to sell those things! And with the holidays just around the corner, who knows? — Paul Droesch

Real Housewives of Orange County
10/9c Bravo
California dreamin'? Nah, this is California schemin'. The Orange County wives return for more catty conniving in the real-world soap opera's Season 5 opener. Not all is OK in the OC. We discover that economic pain trickles up to the rich and privileged, as a wilting economy puts financial strains on both Jeana and Tamra. In parallel developments, Vicki works to strengthen her marriage, and Gretchen marches on in the wake of a tragedy. The ladies also gather for Lynne's jewelry show, setting the stage for a main-event showdown between rivals Tamra and Gretchen. — Dean Maurer