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Food Network Challenge
9/8c Food Network
A Christmas favorite receives a Halloween makeover in this episode from 2007, as four renowned pastry chefs build haunted gingerbread creations, ranging from spooky houses to a slime-filled cave and even a Spanish galleon manned by skeleton soldiers. Let's just hope that these edible works of art taste a lot sweeter than they look. — Karen Andzejewicz

World Series
7:30/6:30c Fox
And it's on to Game 3 at Citizens Bank Park, where a whole new set of challenges await the New York Yankees. The defending world champion Phillies are 11-1 at their home park over the last two postseasons, and if the Yanks want to keep it from becoming an even dozen, they're going to have to do something early to silence the more than 44,000 fervent Philly faithful. With no DH, maybe the Yankee pitchers will lead the attack. — Dave Roeder

Robin Hood
9/8c BBC America
Devastating news arrives in Sherwood Forest and the outlaws learn that King Richard has been killed in the Holy Land. They're heartbroken, of course, but Robin suspects that something doesn't add up. He races to stall Prince John's hasty coronation, but to do so, he'll have to battle his former mentor, Lord Sheridan (Robert Pugh). Meanwhile, a determined Isabella goes to extreme lengths to prove her loyalty to the prince, hoping he'll name her the new sheriff of Nottingham. — Karen Andzejewicz

Suze Orman Show
9/8c CNBC
It may not be spooky, but living with debt — especially in these rough economic times — sure can be scary. That knock on the door, after all, may not be a trick-or-treater but a repo man. In this Halloween-themed episode, Orman delves into the financial frights that can be credit cards and debt and discusses whether buying a baby a $100 Halloween costume is a smart move. She's even joined by a special mystery guest. — Jeff Gemmill

The Locator
9/8c WE
In the third-season finale, Troy helps Christa, a woman who has been searching for her biological father with help from her stepfather. Though she's spent the last 20 years looking for her father, Christa also fears that he may not even know she exists or, worse, that he may reject her. On the verge of giving up, she has found unfaltering support in her stepfather, who refuses to let Christa stop searching until she finds what she's looking for. — Brie Hearn