Monk Monk

9/8c USA
Natalie works on what may be her toughest task yet: planning a surprise birthday party for Monk. Aside from the challenge of plotting a surprise for a man who likes to be firmly in control of his surroundings, Natalie also has to work around Monk's latest case, which finds him investigating the strange death of a maintenance worker. Virginia Madsen guest stars. — Brie Hearn

Ugly Betty
8/7c ABC
Betty finally got that editor's position she wanted, but it didn't come without a price. Her new boss-former boyfriend is holding a major grudge, her officemate hates her, and Marc, still stinging from losing the job to Betty, is looking for any reason to take her down. So what's there to be happy about? Well, the series begins its fourth season, and if anyone can triumph over these obstacles, it's Betty, who will be sporting a different look to go along with a new night (and next week, a new time, 9/8c). — Joe Friedrich

Law & Order
8/7c NBC
If you don't dig the Duggars, hate Jon & Kate Plus 8 and think Octomom should be called "off-her-rocker mom," we've got just the show for you! L&O serves up its take on those family reality series that focus on broods where the kids severely outnumber the grown-ups when a mother of 10 adopted, special-needs kids is murdered and the evidence spotlights the widower (Jim Gaffigan). — Michael Chant

10/9c Discovery
It appears that there are plenty of crustaceans in the sea when it comes to finding a new idea for a reality fishing series. Cameras follow commercial vessels on their dangerous quests to fill their holds with... wait for it... lobsters in this series set off the coast of New England. The debut has the fleet getting off to a rough start with one captain steering into a storm and another dealing with a boat malfunction. — Michael Chant

10/9c CBS
Is it life imitating art? Or rather, death imitating art? That's pretty much the conclusion Don and his FBI team come to when they investigate a series of murders that appear to be copied from scenes of a soon-to-be-released movie. Adam Goldberg guest stars as the screenwriter of the deadly unseen film who must explain how it all could be happening. — Tim Holland

Real Time with Bill Maher
10/9c HBO
In his first six seasons, Bill Maher usually took a mid-season break for a few months, perhaps to tour, dabble in other media or just recharge his batteries. Since the seventh season began in February, however, he has traded the extended hiatus for a week or two off every now and then. But tonight the current season draws to a close, so don't miss what should be an interesting finale with a guest list that includes Alec Baldwin, Garry Shandling and Chris Matthews. — Joe Friedrich

The Martha Stewart Show

11/10c NBC
The Queen of Homemaking is thinking pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Teaming with Ford's Warriors of Pink, Stewart will host a special audience of Warriors whose lives have been touched by the disease. Also appearing are Dr. Dara P. Richardson-Heron and chef Amanda Freitag, who will demonstrate cancer-fighting recipes.