Supernatural Supernatural

9/8c CW
Some folks think Paris Hilton is a demon. Well, they're right. At least for tonight. Hilton guest stars as a demonic creature who takes the form of... Paris Hilton. The mystery takes place in a small town where  icons, like Abraham Lincoln, and infamous objects, such as James Dean's car, are killing people. Enter a bloodthirsty Paris Hilton, who takes part in killings and kidnappings. — Tim Holland

The Office

9/8c NBC
Wedding bells ring for Jam (Jim and Pam) in what promises to be a special episode. The staffers travel to the lovebird capital, Niagara Falls, to celebrate the office couple's nuptials. But the big event does come with one caveat: No one must mention Pam's pregnancy. It'll likely be a steep cascade of comical complications when Michael, Dwight and Andy seek lusty liaisons with wedding guests, and it's double trouble when Michael and Dwight encounter twins. The supersize edition lasts for one hour. (That's what she said.) — Dean Maurer

9/8c Fox
Although it's not exactly clear how quickly or effectively Sam Weiss' "Lebowski" techniques will work on Olivia's physical well-being, she did seem to make at least some progress last week when she left her cane behind to pull a gun on him. But what of her mental state? For good or ill, that's where Walter comes in, and tonight he cooks up a prescription to jog her memory of her bizarre meeting with William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) in an alternate universe. — Joe Friedrich

Survivor: Samoa
8/7c CBS
Evil Russell didn't get his way last week when Ben got the boot. He wanted Ashley to leave first. But make no mistake, Russell is still firmly in charge at Foa Foa. And tonight he grows weary of his alliance partner Jaison, due to Jaison's constant complaining about the difficult conditions. If Foa Foa loses immunity for the fourth straight time, might Jaison be sent packing and not Ashley? — Tim Holland

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
10/9c FX
Being linked romantically with Rush Limbaugh is one thing, but Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito), Dee and Dennis' totally out-of-control father, too? That's the price Mary Lynn Rajskub has to pay for fame, even if this time it's only a character she's playing. By the way, she plays Frank's niece, so it's time for the gang to stage an intervention, and if you're thinking that this might be fanning the flames, you wouldn't be far off the mark. Saturday Night Live alum Nora Dunn plays Aunt Donna. — Paul Droesch