Georgia O'Keeffe Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O'Keeffe
9/8c Lifetime
Renowned American artist Georgia O'Keeffe is brought to life by Joan Allen in an original cable biopic that also stars Jeremy Irons as photographer Alfred Stieglitz, a benefactor who later became her husband. In today's terms, their May-December relationship might be classified as dysfunctional, but through its ups and downs O'Keeffe was able to find her voice as an artist, going on to create many visually arresting — and some would say provocative — paintings. — Rhoda Charles

True Jackson, VP
8:30/7:30c Nickelodeon
Fashion Week may have just ended in the real world, but not for the gang at Mad Style! However, things don't go very well for True's company after a committee chairman dismisses them from participating in the show. This news crushes True, who designed a special dress for the Young Designers Showcase. But True is one determined person, and she's not above scheming her way into the show. — Jennifer Sankowski

Open Graves
9/8c Syfy
At the Risk of sounding facetious, Jumanji does not have a Monopoly on supernatural board games. Dollhouse doll Eliza Dushku and Mike Vogel of Cloverfield join a cast of Clue-less American students in Spain who try to Scrabble away from a Twister of evil forces unleashed by an antique game. If your Saturday night plans have gone down the Chutes and Ladders, why not tune in for this Trivial Pursuit? — Michael Chant

The Locator
9/8c WE
Troy and Co. work with NFL player Paul Spicer in this episode. The tight end has achieved his dream of playing in the pros, but his father's absence continues to weigh heavily on him. So after years of wondering, he decides to track down his dad. Spicer's parents broke up before he was born, and he was raised by his mother. — Brie Hearn

College Football
8:07/7:07c ABC
When Texas Tech played Texas last year, the Red Raiders broke a five-game losing streak to their in-state rivals, got their first win against a No. 1-ranked team and, with the Longhorns, gave ABC its highest-rated game of the season. Those watching may recall Tech QB Graham Harrell hitting Michael Crabtree for a 28-yard TD pass with one second remaining, for an amazing 39-33 victory. This year, as Tech plays at Texas, the Raiders match up their latest big-armed passer, Taylor Potts, against Colt McCoy and the (once again) highly ranked Horns. — Dave Roeder