Big Brother 11 Big Brother 11

Big Brother 11
8/7c CBS
Russell was the unanimous choice for eviction last week and no one was really sorry to see him go, and some, namely Jeff and Jordan, let him know it. But in just 12 days he will be one of the jury members who determines the $500,000 winner. Tonight, the final four will be revealed after one unlucky houseguest gets the boot. So, who will join current Head of Household Kevin in the final quartet and perhaps be just a dozen days away from the ultimate prize? — Tim Holland 

Into the Pride
8/7c Animal Planet
Heavens to Murgatroyd! Time flies when you're living in the wild with a pack of (potentially) man-eating big cats. It's been six months and Dave Salmoni, animal lover and conservationist, has done what he can to curb the bad attitudes of the Erindi Reserve's rogue lions. Now it's time for him to say his good-byes and return home, or as Snagglepuss would say, "Exit, stage left!" — Rhoda Charles

A Dog Year
8/7c HBO
It may be the Year of the Ox in China, but it's gone to the dogs in this 2009 comedy-drama based on the best-selling memoir by Jon Katz. Jeff Bridges stars as Katz, an author with writer's block and a fizzled marriage whose midlife crisis becomes even more difficult after he adopts an abused dog, an energetic border collie that challenges Katz to shake himself out of a downward spiral. The film is the directorial debut for screenwriter George LaVoo, and also stars Lauren Ambrose and Lois Smith. — Joe Friedrich 

Real Housewives of Atlanta
10/9c Bravo
The heat is on in Hotlanta with more diva dynamics and developments. First there's Kim, who lays down the law to a newly arriving nanny, but at least she also sets out to make peace with Lisa. And NeNe is knee-deep in a project, directing her fellow belles in a photo shoot, during which Kim and Sheree begin to click. But there's a serious turn of events when Kandi suffers a family tragedy — her plans for an engagement party now shattered. — Dean Maurer 

8/7c Fox
In this repeat from May (the penultimate episode of Season 4), Brennan shocks Booth with her sudden desire to have a baby — and she wants him to be the father! Stunned, Booth does his best to process this momentous decision with some help from Family Guy's Stewie Griffin (voice of Seth MacFarlane). Of course, we now know what Booth's hallucinations were all about, but it can't hurt to have a little refresher (the Season 4 finale repeats next week) before Season 5 begins on Sept. 17. — Joe Friedrich