Greek Greek

9/8c ABC Family
School's back in session for Season 3 of this college-set drama, which opens with the ramifications from the big "End of the World" party. As Casey copes with Cappie's surprising rejection, Cappie learns (perhaps too late) that Max is out of the picture. Elsewhere, someone finds out about Rebecca's secret kiss. But college isn't all romance — academics also factor into campus life, and Rusty realizes he needs to bring his organic-chemistry grade up if he wants to keep his honors status. — Jennifer Sankowski

CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock

8/7c ABC
Each year it's a country-music lover's paradise, as the four-day all-star event in Nashville welcomes fans to get up close and personal with their favorite artists for exclusive autograph sessions and high-energy concerts. Tonight's three-hour special highlights performances and goes behind the scenes with such stars as Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler and Julianne Hough. — Tim Holland

10/9c Showtime
The fifth-season finale is whacked and wacky, and quite possibly surpasses the four previous season enders. Once again, a few loose ends are tied up and some characters get newfound direction, and viewers are left craving more. There are tragic and comedic turns of events, and family is at the forefront — Nancy's, Esteban's, Nancy and Esteban's, and Celia's. And the climactic scene is stunningly effective and affecting as the season ends with a bang and a splash. — Ray Stackhosue

Inside the Actors Studio
7/6c Bravo
Hey Mickey, you're so fine. Actor Mickey Rourke gives expression to his life, craft and roller-coaster career in an interview with host James Lipton. The New York-born Rourke, once an Actors Studio attendee and a pupil of legendary acting coach Lee Strasberg, flew high to silver-screen stardom in the 1980s in the films Body Heat (1981), Diner (1982) and Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986). Yet his star came to dim and dull, and the fading Rourke retreated to a boxing career in the 1990s. Alas, Rourke is the quintessential comeback kid: He returned to punch up his career in a spellbinding turn as a former superstar grappler in 2008's The Wrestler, for which he scored a Golden Globe win and an Oscar nomination. — Dean Maurer

Dance Your Ass Off
10/9c Oxygen
To live and let diet: The final three pound-shedding contestants have survived various dance styles in this inaugural season — disco, spicy Latin moves, swing dance, the tango and the Viennese waltz among them. (They also learned the bare facts about the stripper pole.) Now comes the Season 1 finale, in which one contestant emerges as the winner in a supersize feast that features a return of all the eliminated players. Hungry for more Dance? No worries, Oxygen weighs in with a reunion show next Monday. — Dean Maurer