Drop Dead Diva Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva
9/8c Lifetime
High-school reunions can be mind-boggling, but having to actually prove a man's sanity in court while trying to keep one's own and connect with Jane's friends from school is enough to drive anyone crazy. But for Deb, who now faces such tasks on a pretty regular basis, it's just another day in the life. Gregory Harrison and Marla Sokoloff find themselves in the middle of all this zaniness as they guest star in tonight's episode. — Rhoda Charles

Daytime Emmy Awards
8/7c CW
Sesame Street is the most honored TV show in Emmy history, with more than 100 wins since its 1969 debut. It will add at least one more trophy to its hallowed shelf tonight when it is presented with this year's Lifetime Achievement Award. It is also up for 15 other Emmys, second only to All My Children's 19 nominations. Vanessa Williams hosts the 36th annual gala from the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. PBS leads all networks with 56 nominations, followed by ABC with 50. — Tim Holland

True Blood
9/8c HBO
You gotta love Jason for believing he's destined to be the savior of Bon Temps, but dispersing a mob of black-eyed bayou bumpkins with makeshift props and dumb luck is a piece of cake compared with confronting Maryann's supernatural powers. No, this is a job for someone a bit more qualified, and tonight we'll see what Bill, who wisely determined he's out of his league here, can glean from the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood). — Joe Friedrich

Mad Men
10/9c AMC
It's a ton of work, work, work around the office as a mandatory overtime session has the writers burning the midnight oil and trying to stave off late-night boredom. Not everyone's nose is to the grindstone, however. Roger hosts a little bash, while Joan and husband Greg do a little entertaining of their own. One of tonight's highlights is an icy confrontation between office queen bee Joan and former secretarial drone Jane (Peyton List), who is now married to Roger. — Ray Stackhouse

9/8c Comedy Central
There was a time when this 2009 made-for-video feature, "Into the Wild Green Yonder," was to be the last incarnation of Futurama. However, now that Comedy Central has confirmed another slate of original episodes for 2010, it doesn't quite carry the same sense of urgency. But that doesn't mean fans won't be thrilled to see tonight's two-hour film (split up into four consecutive episodes), which follows Leela's campaign with an eco-activist group against an intergalactic miniature-golf course and Fry's ongoing quest to save the universe. — Joe Friedrich