Being Human Being Human

Being Human
9/8c BBC America
The season's penultimate episode finds Mitchell being pushed back toward the vampire fold after his attempt to befriend his human neighbor ended disastrously. On his return to Herrick's nest, Mitchell learns that his fellow fanged ones are planning a mass conversion of humans who want to be turned into vamps. Sounds fair enough. Too bad the truth is much darker. Meanwhile, poor Annie's attempts to avenge her murder aren't going exactly as planned. — Karen Andzejewicz

Track and Field
1/12c NBC
They're on their marks for the final weekend of the World Championships in Berlin. Today's headliners are the competitors in the men's and women's 4 x 100m relays, where the U.S. is expected to try to catch the favored Jamaicans. Other top events include the men's long jump, with Dwight Phillips (U.S.) returning to form; and the men's pole vault, featuring Australia's Steve Hooker. — Dave Roeder

9/8c Lifetime
Joan Cusack and Mae Whitman star as mother and daughter in a look at today's pursuit of higher education that oddly seems to overlook the substance behind SAT scores and college essays. This 2009 cable movie based on Susan Coll's novel follows a group of friends from campus visits to wait lists, stopping along the way to reveal their dysfunctional home lives. The intriguing flip side of the equation reveals admissions officers who sometimes wrangle for position at the cost of qualified applicants. This quest for the best is both heartening and heartbreaking. It definitely makes the grade. —Rhoda Charles

Country Fried Home Videos
8/7c CMT
The country cabler's popular answer to America's Funniest Home Videos returns for a fifth season with host Bill Engvall. Tonight's segments include a gymnast who really nails it; a funny car that nails it, too; and a Ping-Pong player with a ferocious spike. — Fred Mitchell

All Jacked Up
8:30/7:30c CMT
Whether it's eating contests, ostrich racing, demolition derbies, jet-powered outhouses or chainsaw jugglers, this series hosted by C. Thomas Howell goes wherever something outrageous is happening. In the premiere, the event is street luge, in which the rider races downhill lying down on what is essentially a giant skateboard. — Fred Mitchell