The Bachelorette The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette
8/7 CT ABC
So, romance fans: Who'll it be? Ed Swiderski? Kiptyn Locke? Neither of them? We'll find out tonight, following one last round of canoodling and soul searching in Hawaii (this time on the Big Island). But before the final rose ceremony, Ed and Kiptyn must also face another round of grilling from Jillian's family. And happily-ever-prospects aren't bright: Of the four previous Bachelorettes, two (Trista and Jen) did get married, but Jen wed someone other than the guy she picked on the show. Paul Droesch

The Closer
9/8 CT TNT
There's been some law and disorder of late: Brenda has recently locked horns with her fellow law folk, her tug of wars with huffy Force Investigation Division heavyweight Sharon Raydor going to the top of the list. Now, Brenda tangles with yet another police figure one Joe Olin (Tom Skerritt), a rusty detective who rises from retirement to help in an investigation. He emerges when Brenda snoops into the slaying of the onetime suspect in a double murder, a crime that Olin probed 10 years earlier. But Olin is a man obsessed with finally closing his old case, marring Brenda's own investigation. Dean Maurer

Making His Band
10/9 CT MTV
On Making the Band, Sean "Diddy" Combs helped create Da Band, Danity Kane and Day26. If you thought he was tough on those guys, wait till you see what he's like when he puts together his own band of singers and musicians that will back him up on an upcoming tour. In the opener, hopefuls from across the country audition for a chance to work with the hip-hop mogul. Helping him narrow down the field are his trusted choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson and Making the Band alum Dawn Richard. Karen Andzejewicz

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
America's Rust Belt has seen better days. But in the former manufacturing powerhouses of Baltimore, Detroit and Buffalo, the host finds the people and the cuisine as inviting as ever. Tony and his Russian sidekick Zamir (yes, the endearing troublemaker from Bourdain's widely panned Romanian adventure) embark on a mid-winter food tour of the misunderstood region, and they meet plenty of colorful characters along the way. Karen Andzejewicz

Nurse Jackie
10:30/9:30 CT Showtime
Things get hectic in the hospital when they are short-staffed and bombarded with ER cases, and things get more complicated when Jackie's delicate balancing act of keeping her work and home lives separate takes a hit. A confrontation with Coop leads him to discover that she has a daughter, and he blabs the news to Eddie. Later, when Jackie confronts a temp nurse about his being on drugs, he surprises her with his it-takes-one-to-know-one response. Ray Stackhouse