The Storm The Storm

The Storm
9/8 CT NBC
In the tradition of the catastrophic Irwin Allen disaster flicks (The Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure, The Swarm) of the 1970s comes this two-part spectacle about a billionaire (Treat Williams) who dumps a chunk of his vast fortune into cutting-edge technology that allows for manipulating the weather. (Hey, everybody talks about it, but somebody is finally doing something about it!) Of course, he's got ulterior motives, and when things go awry hurricanes, sandstorms and other meteorological devastation the planet becomes endangered. James Van Der Beek costars as a scientist out to stop him. The conclusion airs next Sunday. Ray Stackhouse

Doctor Who
8/7 CT BBC America
Doctor Who fans know the deal if the Time Lord stops running long enough to make your acquaintance, it won't be long before nasty aliens threaten your very existence and the lives of any unlucky people near you. Former Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan steals the show as a burglar who gets on the wrong bus at the wrong time. Michael Chant

True Blood
9/8 CT HBO
Now that we know why Eric is so concerned about Godric's welfare, he's got to be pleased not only that Sookie is game to infiltrate the Light of Day camp, but that Bill can only stand by and watch. Of course, an obvious wild card here is Jason's golden-boy status at the Institute, and one wonders what will happen when his kid sister shows up incognito. Meanwhile, with the show's nexus in Texas, it's easy to forget what's going on back in Bon Temps, but it looks like Tara is all-in with what the crazy Maryann is selling. Joe Friedrich

Drop Dead Diva
9/8 CT Lifetime
Chuck Woolery and Rosie O'Donnell guest star in this episode, which sees Jane thrown in jail for contempt of court during an emotional retrial. Things look a little better, however, for Kim and Grayson, who sue a specialist that cured a man with a multiple-personality disorder but left him with the wrong personality. Let's hope that Chuck can make it all better in two and two! Rhoda Charles

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
9/ 8 CT USA
Nichols and Eames take a crack at working as partners tonight after Wheeler goes into labor. The duo investigates the murder of a low-level drug dealer who is killed on the night before she planned to leave town. Dylan Baker turns in a chilling performance as her suspected killer, who's an expert at covering his tracks due to an extensive and well-respected career in crime-scene investigation. Brie Hearn