Nurse Jackie Nurse Jackie

Home Run Derby
8 pm/ET ESPN
All eyes are on the efficient and powerful swing of Cardinals star Albert Pujols as the All-Star break home-run leader heads a group of eight long-ball specialists in the shadow of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. The beloved reigning NL MVP has finished second and third previously in an event that often leaves a more-lasting memory than the actual All-Star Game, as happened last year when runner-up Josh Hamilton set a new single-round record of 28 dingers. Missouri native and 2006 champ Ryan Howard joins Prince Fielder and Adrian Gonzalez in looking to outlast Pujols. — Roger Leister

The Bachelorette
8 pm/ET ABC
Jillian finally gave Wes the old country heave-ho last week. His feigned wooing of our bachelorette earned him and his CD plenty of publicity, but goodwill is another matter. Good luck on that music career, Wes! Now it's on to Maui for Ed, Reid and Kiptyn, three guys Jillian says she loves. Ed, who progressed furthest into Jillian's fantasy suite last week — and got the first rose as well — would seem to be her favorite, but she's still waiting to see who'll show her the love. — Paul Droesch

Teddy: In His Own Words
9 pm/ET HBO
Growing up a child of privilege in one of America's most famous families may sound glamorous, but the life of Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy has not been without tragedy and loss, including the deaths of four of his eight siblings before he was 40. But the senior senator from Massachusetts has battled personal demons, political opponents and health problems to forge a long and distinguished career of public service, and this documentary laden with archival footage lets the leonine liberal narrate his life story. — Joe Friedrich

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
10 pm/ET Bravo
Bravo premieres the new reality show Miami Social tomorrow night, but it's Kathy who's doing the Miami socializing tonight. It's home sweet home when our D-list diva heads to Miami's playground for the privileged, the luxury Star Island, to buy a second home. (Now that's A-list behavior.) In Miami, Kathy meets up with Rosie O'Donnell and Gloria Estefan, and Kathy delights in the buzzing paparazzi and fans that swarm them. Later, Estefan allows Kathy to manage one of her hotels. That's probably not the best idea, especially when Kathy squares off against boozy frat boys. — Dean Maurer

Nurse Jackie
10:30 pm/ET Showtime
A couple of powerhouse acting veterans check into All Saints Hospital for tonight's episode. Judith Ivey costars as a nurse who has been admitted for treatment for lung cancer. She shocks former coworker Jackie with a request to help her terminate her life. In a lighter vein, Blythe Danner portrays Coop's mother, who has suffered a gallbladder attack (not that that's funny). But Dr. O'Hara and Jackie become privy to a shocking secret about Coop's family, and momma is it a doozy. — Ray Stackhouse