Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader

Good Morning America
7 am/ET ABC
Water, water everywhere — that's where country fans can expect to hear "Water," the second single from Brad Paisley's new American Saturday Night CD, this summer. It shouldn't come as a surprise, seeing as how Paisley's coming off yet another No 1 hit with "Then" (his 10th No. 1 single in a row), not to mention two CMA awards last November and three CMT awards last month. And be very surprised if he doesn't play "Water" on this morning's GMA Central Park concert. — Paul Droesch

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
8 pm/ET Fox
Hot dog! Those precocious fifth graders are donning their thinking caps just when the rest of us are kicking back for the Fourth of July! They're kicking off their summer season by matching wits with competitive-eating champ Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, who has won the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest the last two years. He's scheduled to be back at Coney Island in New York to defend his title tomorrow, but tonight you can see how much knowledge he has stuffed into his head. — Paul Droesch

Degrassi: The Next Generation
8 pm/ET The N
Jane is forced to confront a past she's successfully repressed when her long-absent dad suddenly reappears in her life. While she's certain that she doesn't want to associate with her father, she's unsure why. As Jane begins to piece together some memories from her childhood, a truth she doesn't want to face, but can no longer avoid, begins to emerge. — Jennifer Sankowski

The Goode Family
8:30 pm/ET ABC
In the family do-gooder tradition, Bliss gets a job cleaning up graffiti. But Greenville is graffiti-free, so there's no work for her to do. In order to keep her daughter occupied, Helen starts secretly tagging and her graffiti quickly becomes a sensation. An Oxford professor (voice of Elvis Costello) even declares it the work of a major new urban artist. Will Helen come out of the closet and accept the acclaim? — Fred Mitchell

9 pm/ET Fox
Willie Garson, best known as Stanford from Sex and the City, takes a serious guest turn as a suicidal gambling addict that Jack treats. But the doctor also has another matter to deal with: He's set to testify on behalf of a patient charged with manslaughter by a high-powered prosecutor (Lori Heuring) who has never lost a case. Jack's expertise becomes critical when the case turns out to be more complicated than it appeared. — Fred Mitchell