Dance Your Ass Off Dance Your Ass Off

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
8 pm/ET ABC Family
In last week's season premiere, John Schneider suffered the same fate portraying Grace Bowman's father as he did playing Clark Kent's father on Smallville: His character was killed off the show. Tonight his death is mourned by everyone who knew him, especially Grace, who was in a fight with her dad before he got into a plane accident. She's also plagued with guilt because she believes her actions (forsaking her vow of chastity until marriage by sleeping with Jack) are to blame for his death. — Jennifer Sankowski

The Bachelorette
8 pm/ET ABC
Time to get serious, romance fans: The Canadian sojourn is over and it's back to the U.S.A., as Jillian visits the hometowns of the five guys left. It's mostly a bicoastal tour (Reid in Pennsylvania; Jesse, Kiptyn and Michael on the West Coast), with the usual cold-feet and will-the-family-approve issues. But when she gets to Texas, where bad-boy country singer Wes awaits — real fireworks go off. No spoilers here, but Wes won't be the only guy she encounters in Austin. — Paul Droesch

Shouting Fire: Stories From the Edge of Free Speech
9 pm/ET HBO
Chalk up another fine documentary from HBO — and a great history lesson — as this 2009 film from Emmy winner Liz Garbus ("Ghosts of Abu Ghraib") examines the give and take of free speech in the U.S. Garbus doesn't have to go far for expert opinion — her father is noted First Amendment lawyer Martin Garbus — and she covers issues from the left and right sides of the political spectrum, including professor Ward Churchill's 9/11 statements and a California teen censored for protesting a gay-awareness event. — Joe Friedrich

Dance Your Ass Off
10 pm/ET Oxygen
Here's the skinny on this new show: You take a bit of The Biggest Loser and a dose of So You Think You Can Dance and you get this 10-part reality-competition series in which 12 plus-size contestants try to shed pounds via dance heats and diet feats. In the super-size premiere, the contestants infiltrate Los Angeles and begin their quest to shape their bodies into lean, mean machines. Marissa Jaret Winokur hosts, with Mayte Garcia, Lisa Ann Walter and Danny Teeson serving as judges. — Dean Maurer

Nurse Jackie
10:30 pm/ET Showtime
Edie Falco's Jackie impressively runs a gamut of emotions in this charged episode. At a conference at Grace's school, the sit-down takes a decidedly uncomfortable turn when Jackie becomes incensed after hearing the youngster's teacher, the district psychologist and school nurse weigh in on Grace's "generalized anxiety disorder." The three believe that an "age-appropriate, low-dose antianxiety medicine" should keep Grace from "unraveling," but Jackie will have none of it. Back at the hospital, Zoey loses her first patient, and Dr. O'Hara saves a young boy's life and receives unwanted attention and thanks from his clingy twin brother. — Ray Stackhouse