True Blood True Blood

True Blood
9 pm/ET HBO
Just when you thought it was safe to go out at night again, the vampire drama that generated so much fang-fare its first time out is back for a second season. It's a precise continuation of last year's cliffhanger — picking up with Sookie and Tara mid-scream in Merlotte's parking lot — so we won't have to wait to identify the body in the back of Andy's car. And that's not the only surprise in store, as Jason takes a wrong turn down a righteous path, and Sookie adjusts to Bill's new housemate. — Joe Friedrich

In Plain Sight
10 pm/ET USA
Mary and Marshall face a unique spin on their job when, instead of protecting their latest witness from the life that forced him into hiding, the duo instead must shield everyone else from the man. The ex-con witness is implicated in a string of murders and in the stabbing of Mary's friend, leaving it up to Marshall and Mary to unveil the killer's true identity before someone else is hurt. Laura Prepon guest stars. — Brie Hearn

10 pm/ET A&E
In the opener of this reality series following the life of Stanley Burrell, best known as rapper MC Hammer, Hammer attends take-your-dad-to-school day with his son. It's a fun moment to watch since his audience knows nothing of his stardom, only that he is Jeremiah's dad. The series itself offers the opposite view, giving those who only know Hammer as the dancer in the parachute pants a chance to see him as father, husband and businessman. — Bill Ecklund

10 pm/ET Food Network
This fast-paced Top Chef-esque culinary contest returns for a second season, with four more up-and-coming chefs attempting to transform a basket of mystery ingredients into an extraordinary meal without getting "chopped" in three rounds of competition. Renowned chefs Chris Santos, Alex Guarnaschelli and Aaron Sanchez are all on hand to decide which competitor will walk away with $10,000. — Karen Andzejewicz

Ice Road Truckers
9 pm/ET History
The truckers fall behind, and they have another problem ahead: There's a storm on the way. That's bad for the truckers, but it's the perfect storm to create the drama that fans of the series love. In other ice-road news, Jack encounters a stranded vehicle and has to decide whether to stop and help the occupants and possibly lose his load; safety instructors accompany Hugh and Alex during their first haul; and Lisa requests a tough assignment. — Bill Ecklund