Burn Notice Burn Notice

Burn Notice
9 pm/ET USA
Michael and Co. are back to kick off the third season of Burn Notice, which has moved to a new 9 pm/ET time slot. After ending last season by jumping out of a helicopter and into the ocean, Michael finally freed himself from the people who burned him. But that also means that he's no longer under their protection, a fact that becomes clearer when the police begin investigating him. Never one to turn down a side job, Michael also helps extradite a criminal to Latin America. — Brie Hearn

NBA Finals
9:01 pm/ET ABC
First it was supposed to be a battle to crown the best player in the NBA. Then there was the possibility of a battle between the scrappy underdogs. Now it's a little of both when the Orlando Magic travel to Los Angeles to meet the Lakers in Game 1. Dwight Howard's Magic made LeBron James' Cavs disappear in what many thought was a predestined coronation for King James — but Cleveland fell and the not-so-regal James left the court before the customary congratulations. Kobe Bryant's Lakers finally closed out the Nuggets to make it to the Finals for a record 30th time. — Brendan Curley

Royal Pains
10 pm/ET USA
USA's newest original series debuts with a 75-minute episode. After making a tough call when fighting to save a patient, Dr. Hank Lawson, played by Mark Feuerstein, is fired from his job and scorned by New York's medical community. Licking his wounds, he heads to the Hamptons with his brother (Paulo Costanzo) for a getaway. During a party, however, Hank saves a guest in the midst of a medical crisis, and a new career path appears before him as a "small town" doctor for the Hamptons crowd. — Brie Hearn

So You Think You Can Dance
9 pm/ET Fox
No doubt the bad auditions have their fans, if only for the train-wreck qualities, but now that we're in Las Vegas for the second and final round of callbacks, the only things to get derailed from now on are dreams. Sure, the heartbreak will be real for those who don't make it, but for the Top 20 finalists selected by the end of tonight's broadcast, it's a chance to dance another day. — Joe Friedrich

The Listener
9 pm/ET NBC
Craig Olejnik stars in this new drama, a Canadian import, as telepathic paramedic Toby Logan. Though he's had the ability to read minds for much of his life, Toby has kept the lid on his big secret and isn't exactly eager to share it with others. But when he learns about a missing boy while treating an accident victim who is the boy's mother, Toby is forced to embrace his gift to rescue the child. Later, in an episode that follows at 10 pm/ET, Toby hunts a serial arsonist. — Brie Hearn