Don't Forget the Lyrics Don't Forget the Lyrics

Don't Forget the Lyrics!
8 pm/ET FOX
The Wayne Brady-hosted music gamer welcomes Howard Stern's producer (and frequent target of abuse), Gary Dell'Abate, aka Baba Booey, who faces the music in a lyrical test for charity. Baba won't go bye-bye without a fight. Singer Mark McGrath of the rock band Sugar Ray, no stranger to remembering lyrics, is on hand to offer help. There's a profound element to tonight's game as Dell'Abate tries to raise money for LIFEbeat, a music-industry charity in the fight against AIDS. Dell'Abate's brother, Steven, died of AIDS in 1991. — Dean Maurer

Nature's Most Amazing Events
8 pm/ET Discovery Channel
Since the word "Arctic" handily lends itself to bleak, wintry images, it's easy to forget that summer heads north, too. This stunning six-part wildlife documentary series begins with an examination of the lively conditions warm weather brings to the region, from aerial views of the unicorn-like narwhals to gravity-defying shots of guillemot chicks leaving sea cliffs for their first flights. And while the longer days also do favors for foxes and beluga whales, the thaw is no picnic for the average (polar) bear. Other locales visited in subsequent episodes of the series include Botswana and the Pacific Northwest. — Michael Chant

Un-Broke: What You Need to Know About Money
9 pm/ET ABC
Economics might be a dismal science (these days particularly), but that doesn't mean that a personal-finance primer must be dull. Besides, who needs Nobel laureates to teach you about the stock market when you have the Jonas Brothers? And Will Smith (who's probably richer than you are) talking business with finance execs? Also on hand are Rosario Dawson, Seth Green, Samuel L. Jackson, Christan Slater and Sesame Street's Oscar the Grouch. Good Morning America's Mellody Hobson hosts. — Paul Droesch

Tonight Show With Jay Leno
11:35 pm/ET NBC
After taking over hosting duties from Johnny Carson on May 25, 1992, Jay Leno prepares to pass the torch to his successor, Conan O'Brien. Fittingly, then, O'Brien is the last guest to take a seat on Leno's couch before he takes the helm of the show on June 1. James Taylor is also scheduled to perform tonight. Taylor will kick off a European tour in late June before heading back to the U.S. for a series of shows in September. — Brie Hearn

What Not to Wear
9 pm/ET TLC
In the early '90s, Blossom star Mayim Bialik was famous for her cute and quirky style — not to mention those hats! But in 2009, her hippie-granny look fails to impress hosts Clinton Kelly and Stacy London. So in the Season 7 opener, the fierce fashionistas are heading to New York City to ambush the former child actress and stage a wardrobe intervention. — Karen Andzejewicz