Prison Break Prison Break

SpongeBob Squarepants
8 pm/ET Nickelodeon
Johnny Depp is well-known for playing pirate Jack Sparrow, but tonight he provides the voice of a very different sea-loving Jack: Jack Kahuna Laguna (aka JKL), a buff, blond surf guru. SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward seek out JKL's expertise when they become stranded on a remote island. They learn that the only way to get home is to surf "The Big One" — a legendary wave that can take them back to Bikini Bottom. But first, they need to learn how to ride that wave without wiping out. Surf's up, dude! —Jennifer Sankowski

Prison Break
9 pm/ET FOX
As Prison Break went down for its annual winter's nap in December, we learned not only that Michael and Linc's mother is alive (and played by Kathleen Quinlan) but that she's — uh-oh —Company. Now the boys are back for the series' final batch of episodes, and they'll have to deal with her. Linc's first, beginning tonight in Miami, where he, T-Bag, Mahone and Self are working for Pad Man. Meanwhile, Michael and Sara are heading east from L.A. It won't be a fun trip. —Paul Droesch

Now on PBS
8:30 pm/ET PBS (check local listings)
It goes without saying that climate change is more than just an environmental concern. In this edition of Now, David Brancaccio examines the far-reaching consequences that unfettered global warming will have, including in the arenas of the food supply, water rights and national security. —Jeff Gemmill

Stranger Among Bears
10 pm/ET Animal Planet
Domestication is sooo yesterday. Living with wild animals is where it's at these days. Having lived among Alaska's grizzly and black-bear population for more than 20 years, the time has come for bear enthusiast Charles Vandergaw to share his day-to-day experiences with the world. This new series documents Vandergaw's relationship with the bears and his struggles with local authorities and disapproving neighbors, who are trying to stop his way of life. In the first episode, the cameraman learns it's not a good idea to get between a mother and her cub. —Rhoda Charles

10 pm/ET National Geographic
Not only is Grammy winner Emmylou Harris a talented singer-songwriter, she's also a passionate animal lover who has established a sanctuary for rescued dogs in her own home. She has helped lots of abandoned pups find permanent homes, but a vicious shepherd mix named Gunnar is giving her a very hard time. DogTown animal-behavior specialist Sherry Woodard heads to Nashville to help the country-music star socialize the severely aggressive canine, so that one day he can be adopted into a loving family, too. —Karen Andzejewicz