Tracey Ullman's State of the Union Tracey Ullman's State of the Union

Tracey Ullman's State of the Union
10 pm/ET Showtime
She's back! The prodigiously talented and incredibly amusing Tracey Ullman returns for a second season of skewering Americans in the news (and celebrity visitors to America). She kicks things into comic high gear with a wickedly funny spoof of Heather Mills (Paul McCartney's ex) as a reality-TV star. Other highlights include Ullman as Texas-ranch retiree Laura Bush presiding over a garage sale featuring "doodads and objets d'art" from her White House stay, and a send-up of Celine Dion doing post-Katrina calamity cleanup in New Orleans. —Ray Stackhouse

The Masters
2 pm/ET CBS
Difficult playing conditions held the drama to a minimum in the final round of last year's big green golfing event. Thanks to gusting winds, only four players broke par, and the 75 shot by winner Trevor Immelman matched the highest score ever in a final round for a Masters champion. Still...for the past 12 months, he's been wearing a nice green blazer that's the envy of pro golfers everywhere. —Dave Roeder

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
8 pm/ET ABC
This two-hour episode of the tear-inducing makeover series features the Kadzis family, who have adopted several special-needs children from Chinese orphanages. Music has helped to bridge the language barrier, as almost everyone in the Tallahassee family plays an instrument. Their cramped, hurricane-damaged home can barely contain their burgeoning brood, and their father, George has another problem: He's battling brain cancer. Ty and his team help fulfill George's wish to rebuild the Kadzis' home, and Stevie Wonder performs for this musical family at the reveal. —Fred Mitchell

Breaking Bad
10 pm/ET AMC
Walt, who has lied and told Skyler that friends Gretchen and Elliott have been paying for his cancer treatments, has to engage in some more serious prevarication in an attempt at extrication. Walt's sit-down with a befuddled and confused Gretchen provides the episode's searingly dramatic highlight. While all of that is going on, Jesse decides to take matters into his own hands after two drug-addled losers jack Skinny Pete and make off with Jesse's cash and stash. The hour ends with a scene of crushing finality. —Ray Stackhouse

Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels
9 pm/ET VH1
In the third-season finale, Poison-ous rocker Bret Michaels takes his last two ladies on a romantic getaway to the Dominican Republic for some fun in the sun before making his final choice of tour companion. —Fred Mitchell