House House

8 pm/ET FOX
Mos Def last week and now Meat Loaf — unusually named pop stars are just dying to get into Princeton Plainsboro these days. Expect House to have his hands full tonight: Meat Loaf's character, a guy named Eddie, is already on death's door when his wife (Colleen Camp) collapses while taking care of him — and she gets worse once she's in the hospital. In the next bed, Eddie is beginning to show some improvement, and the ordeal they're both undergoing rekindles their romance. —Paul Droesch

NCAA Basketball Championship
9 pm/ET CBS
Tonight the court for this title game is smack dab in the middle of Detroit's Ford Field, a football stadium that will hold 70,000 hoops fanatics (some with a better view than others). Tomorrow it could be shipped to the winner of tonight's game — the champions have the option of buying the Final Four hardwood, which has been used by past champions as a practice court or divided into pieces to sell to rabid boosters as souvenirs. —Dave Roeder

Surviving Suburbia
9:32 pm/ET ABC
Bob Saget is an expert at acting like a good parent (Full House; Raising Dad), and he's certainly adept at recognizing funny home moments captured on video. But he's also known for having a caustic blue streak in his stand-up routine. Somewhere in between is Surviving Suburbia's Steve Patterson, Saget's latest sitcom incarnation, a cynical dad who is mostly good at offending people. In the opener, Steve reluctantly agrees to house-sit for a neighbor and accidentally sets it on fire. —Tim Holland

The Hills
10 pm/ET MTV
The drama resumes as Lauren, Heidi, Audrina and Lo return for what Lauren says will be her final season. (Haven't we heard that before?) When we last left off, Lauren seemed ready to finally put her feud with Heidi behind her, but that doesn't mean she necessarily wants to rekindle the friendship (especially with Spencer still in the picture). So when Heidi shows up at Lauren's surprise birthday party in tonight's opener, Heidi doesn't exactly get the warm welcome she was hoping for. —Karen Andzejewicz

10 pm/ET NBC
Is James Van Der Beek up the creek? Anything's possible when dream weaver Allison starts her psychic snooping. The former Dawson's Creek actor plunges deep into a bizarro guest-star turn as the child of a missing woman. Allison begins investigating the mother's disappearance, but what seems to be a standard missing person's case grows tangled, gnarled and stranger by the minute when the victim's two oddball kids take center stage. In family affairs, Joe's sister (Amanda Detmer) arrives, seeking a stay as her marriage crumbles around her. —Dean Maurer