Dollhouse Dollhouse

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
8 pm/ET FOX
After a group hug and some chamomile tea, the Connors resolve their differences with Cameron and Derek, and the four set off for the Bahamas for some quality downtime. Just kidding — Sarah ditches the wisdom of "united we stand, divided we fall" and takes John to see old pal Charley Dixon while keeping Derek and Cameron out of the loop. Unfortunately, trust issues with John's uncle and the lady terminator are the least of Sarah's problems. —Michael Chant

9 pm/ET ABC
Jo's solutions for families in crisis generally include more effective disciplinary measures and tailor-made suggestions for getting the most out of quality time, and tonight's episode — when she helps a stay-at-home mom and her shift-working husband with their four kids — is no exception. But this week's agenda branches into "birds and the bees" territory after Jo makes a shocking discovery in a 13-year-old boy's bedroom, and hints that it might be time for Dad to have "the talk" with his son. —Joe Friedrich

Stargate: The Ark of Truth
9 pm/ET Sci Fi
The obviously cool thing about having a TV series finale that doesn't tie up all the loose ends is that it enables the franchise's handlers to let the story carry on in other ways, such as direct-to-DVD movies like this one. The SG-1 gang quests for an ark that's purported to sap the strength of the Ori, the villains du jour since Season 9, who have parked some of their ships near Earth for less-than-friendly reasons. —Michael Chant

9:01 pm/ET FOX
Ratings have improved in recent weeks, hitting their highest marks since the premiere, and critics, fans and Joss Whedon himself agree that the show is finally firing on all cylinders. Tonight's episode should continue that trend as Echo (Eliza Dushku) returns to college to deal with the outbreak of a deadly virus. At the same time, she begins to put together a few pieces of the jumbo puzzle that is her life. —Jeff Gemmill

Real Time with Bill Maher
10 pm/ET HBO
The show is called Real Time with Bill Maher, but judging by the caliber of tonight's powerhouse lineup, it could just as easily go by the title Big Time. With everything from AIG to zombie banks likely on the table for what should be a spirited discussion, Maher's guests include former senator Bill Bradley (D-N.J.), actor-singer Mos Def, journalist Christopher Hitchens and author Salman Rushdie. —Joe Friedrich