David Krumholtz and Judd Hirsch, Numb3rs David Krumholtz and Judd Hirsch, Numb3rs

9 pm/ET ABC
Tonight's episode finds Jo back in merry old England again, but things are not so cheery for a couple with four kids, all of whom are under the age of 10. This time, however, it's not just the kids who need disciplining: Jo will have to work her magic on a do-nothing dad who seems content to sit back and watch his wife do all the work, which puts a terrible strain on their marriage. —Joe Friedrich

Wolverine and the X-Men
8 pm/ET Nicktoons
The character Wolverine first came onto the scene in an Incredible Hulk comic book, and tonight these two superheroes get to have a reunion. Wolverine is blackmailed into going after the mean, green monster, who has been on a destructive rampage. While searching for the Hulk in the wilderness, Wolverine realizes Wendigo is out there on the loose as well. So now Wolverine has to deal with not one, but two raging monsters. Life's not easy for a superhero mutant. —Jennifer Sankowski

9:01 pm/ET FOX
Hey, if Buffy could sing, why not Faith? While far from a "Once More, With Feeling" songfest, this should be fun: Eliza Dushku demonstrates her singing and dancing chops when Echo is imprinted with the persona of a backup singer in order to provide protection to a pop star (Jaime Lee Kirchner) who's being stalked by an obsessed fan. —Jeff Gemmill

Battlestar Galactica
10 pm/ET SCI FI
Don't you just hate it when you take a trip to a once-coveted destination and everyone thinks you died on the way, then you turn up alive and later go back to that place only to find your corpse there? Starbuck hates that, too. The ace viper pilot wrestles with her identity crisis while Boomer learns that the reward for bringing Ellen back into the fold is: "No good deed goes unpunished." —Michael Chant

10 pm/ET CBS
Aya Sumika is front and center in this tension-filled episode, in which her special agent Liz Warner goes undercover to orchestrate a complex drug deal. It's all set in motion when Charlie targets a new illegal drug known as Hawaiian Ice as the next big thing to hit the streets. He wants to dry up the market before the drug catches on by buying up the limited supply available. His plan sounds great, but it puts Liz in danger when she must meet with four drug dealers who control the hot Ice in L.A. —Tim Holland