The Closer The Closer

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All
8 pm/ET ABC
Romance fans won't know until next week whom Jason picked.  (Was it Melissa? Molly? And what about those DeAnna rumors?) There's a preview of the final round in tonight's traditional dishfest (expanded to two hours, incidentally), but mostly it's about looking back — with daggers. Megan and Natalie, you'd better watch out! On a happier note, there's yet another Trista-Ryan update (and baby makes four), and news of 2005 Bachelor lovebirds Charlie and Sarah. —Paul Droesch

The Closer
9 pm/ET TNT
It's the closer for The Closer. Season 4 wraps up with Brenda and Fritz's nuptials only a day away — but these two lords of the rings give new meaning to the term "shotgun wedding." Obsessive crime  investigations jeopardize the big event from even occurring, as Brenda probes a murder at an escort service while Fritz focuses on finally nabbing a big-gun drug figure. At least Brenda's parents (Barry Corbin, Frances Sternhagen) and Fritz's sister (Amy Sedaris) are in town to keep the wedding plans moving, but it won't be a piece of cake. Read The Closer creator James Duff's blog about the finale. —Dean Maurer

10 pm/ET NBC
Allison DuBois — crime-solving psychic, supportive wife, loving soccer mom...and killer? Did Allison actually kill someone? That's the jarring question posed tonight when the dream weaver mysteriously awakens under a freeway underpass to discover she has no recollection of the previous six hours of her life. Worse, she comes to suspect she may have killed a man with her car during her blackout. In brighter family news, Ariel revs up for an adolescent rite of passage: She learns how to drive, to Joe's fatherly apprehension. —Dean Maurer

Battle for Tobacco Road: Duke vs. North Carolina
9 pm/ET HBO
With two bastions of the sport just eight miles apart in basketball-mad North Carolina, it's hardly surprising an intense rivalry has developed. What is shocking — considering the partisan feelings exhibited by fanatics at these schools — is that neither university has been torn asunder by the opposition. Check out this entertaining documentary, which features interviews with Dean Smith, Mike Krzyzewski, Michael Jordan, Grant Hill and Johnny Dawkins, and remember — the teams meet again on the court on March 8. —Dave Roeder

9 pm/ET FOX
Jack and Renee follow Marika, hoping she'll lead them to Dubaku, but Dubaku might have been tipped off. Meanwhile, Henry Taylor's daughter, Olivia (Sprague Grayden), is taken to the hospital where her father is in surgery for the gunshot wound to his chest, and Jack gets a glimpse of the extent of Dubaku's network within the U.S. government. —Fred Mitchell