David Caruso and Sean Combs, CSI: Miami David Caruso and Sean Combs, CSI: Miami

9 pm/ET FOX
Last week there was good news and bad news. The good news: Jack and his team kept Dubaku's attack on an insecticide plant from killing thousands and rescued the Matobos from their captor. The bad news: the plant manager was killed, Michael Latham was blown up, and Henry Taylor was taken hostage by one of Dubaku's men. Talk about having leverage with the president. —Fred Mitchell

The Bachelor
9 pm/ET ABC
So the single-dad-with-single-mom scenario wasn't meant to be. Too symmetrical? Who knows? But Stephanie is gone, and it's on to the hometown-visit episode. In British Columbia, Jason learns that Jillian's mom has fought depression. He meets skeptical parents in Michigan (Molly) and California (Naomi), and none at all in Dallas (Melissa). Uh-oh. In California, he also encounters a dead dove. What might that portend? Next week, Jason and the three survivors will be in New Zealand. —Paul Droesch


9 pm/ET NBC
The end of last week's episode left the Heroes in a rather dire situation as their plane was plummeting toward the ground. But for a group who makes repeatedly saving the world look easy, this should be a piece of cake, right? The real challenge comes after they escape the plane. They must live as fugitives while the newly nefarious Nathan continues his hunt for those with abilities. Meanwhile, Sylar, lucky and powerful enough to avoid capture, finds a new source of info to help locate his dad. —Brie Hearn

BET Honors
9 pm/ET BET
BET's lovefest honoring successful and inspiring black Americans is back for a second year. Gabrielle Union hosts the latest installment, which recognizes the achievements of Mary J. Blige, Tyler Perry, Judith Jamison, Magic Johnson, B. Smith and James E. Clyburn. The night also comes with a healthy lineup of all-star entertainment, including Stevie Wonder, Ne-Yo, Anita Baker, Monica, Yolanda Adams, Joss Stone, Queen Latifah and Keyshia Cole. —Brie Hearn

CSI: Miami
10 pm/ET CBS
Sean Combs is a lot of things: a Grammy-winning rapper, a talented fashion designer and top music executive. He's also proving himself to be a promising actor. Combs honed his acting skills on Broadway in A Raisin in the Sun and in its subsequent TV version. Tonight he guest stars on CSI: Miami as a prominent defense attorney who may be involved in the cover-up of a murder. —Tim Holland