Jamie Bamber and Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica Jamie Bamber and Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica

Friday Night Lights
9 pm/ET NBC
Smash Williams fans will want to have their hankies ready as the newly recuperated college hopeful bids Coach Taylor (and the show) adieu. Tyra, meanwhile, says some good-byes of her own when she ends things for good with Landry to pursue a relationship with rodeo hunk Cash. Matt, on the other hand, finally catches a break when his mom comes to town to help him take care of his grandmother. But can he accept help from the woman who abandoned him long ago? —Brie Hearn

Battlestar Galactica
10 pm/ET SCI FI
Question: What's a good — albeit cruel — way to keep Galactica fans in suspense for a week? Answer: Trap Adama and Tigh in a tight spot, lob a live grenade at them and roll the end credits. In the last episode, Adama said there would be a reckoning, and it turns out that he was right on the money, only in ways he didn't see coming. —Michael Chant

10 pm/ET CBS
Actor-rapper Eve guest stars in this sometimes comical episode about a prized pair of stolen sneakers. The shoes in question belong to a foreign ambassador who purchased the kicks for $250,000 at auction. What makes them so valuable? They are the first pair of the final edition of a classic brand. Eve's La-La Buendia is particularly anxious that the sneaks be found because she won't receive her commission money for selling them until they are tracked down. —Tim Holland

8 pm/ET FOX
With NASCAR airing on Saturday this week, the cops make a temporary pit stop on Friday. Tonight deputies in Texas get more than they bargained for when responding to a domestic-violence call, as the incident suddenly turns into a high-speed pursuit when the assailant gets behind the wheel. Elsewhere, it's not a beautiful day in a California neighborhood when police have to get involved in a physical altercation between neighbors. —Jennifer Sankowski

9 pm/ET Animal Planet
This new reality series wants viewers to know that there is more to the story of Thoroughbred horse racing than what passes by in a blur on the track. The feisty competitors that lead the charge — and put their lives on the line — have compelling stories of their own. The series opener includes a look at the intense rivalry between a veteran jockey and a relative newcomer at California's Santa Anita Park. —Rhoda Charles