Burt Young and Christopher Meloni, Law & Order: SVU Burt Young and Christopher Meloni, Law & Order: SVU

10 pm/ET TNT
The seedy and the greedy keep taking down the needy, and Nate Ford and his Ford-tough subordinates render yet another high-tech scam to stop it. Tonight their mark is an investment broker who apparently bilked a charity. The crew's scheme involves tricking the financier to enter a rehab facility for his long list of various vices, which include addictions to nicotine patches, porn, gambling, lying and eating. Sadly, it turns out rehab might be a suitable place for one of the team members, too. —Dean Maurer

American Idol
8 pm/ET FOX
Welcome to Hollywood, baby! It's lights, camera and action for those contestants deemed worthy and talented by the hard-eyed Simon, Kara, Paula and Randy. Our still-standing sultans of sing advance from the preliminary auditions and land smack-dab on the Left Coast for tonight's first installment of the Hollywood rounds. But they should be forewarned: It's easy to fall from a precarious perch. Many will land hard while only a few will soar, particularly during tonight's grueling rehearsals and white-knuckle auditions. —Dean Maurer

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
10 pm/ET NBC
Ron Eldard and Dabney Coleman guest-star tonight as the father and grandfather of a young girl who is kidnapped. Eldard plays a recently paroled ex-con who is initially pegged as a suspect, but soon detectives learn that his former father-in-law (Coleman) is a master thief with a long list of enemies. However, grandpa can't offer much insight into exactly who on that list may be responsible for taking his granddaughter because he is suffering severely from Alzheimer's disease. —Jennifer Sankowski

10 pm/ET FX
Christian and Lizzie have become quite the item lately. Think it'll last? And how long do you think that Matt's resolve to become a doctor will last? Look for developments on both fronts. Meanwhile, Sean is developing something of a father-son relationship with his student Raj, whose own father shows up with a request that would make any son blanch. And Christian has his breast-reconstruction surgery. "Make me beautiful," he tells Sean just before going under. Where'd he get that line? —Paul Droesch

8 pm/ET PBS (check local listings)
Journalist James Bamford, who investigated the National Security Agency in the 2008 book The Shadow Factory, wrote this Nova installment, which explores the secretive spy group that ostensibly collects foreign intelligence through phone and e-mail intercepts. Its failures prior to 9/11 and controversial practices since that time are chronicled here, and pertinent questions are asked. Is the agency's data-mining approach too broad? Does the cacophony of unimportant chatter drown out critical intelligence? —Jeff Gemmill