Super Bowl XLIII Super Bowl XLIII

Super Bowl XLIII
6 pm/ET NBC
Let's see now: We get five hours of pregame festivities, a performance by the Boss and the E Streeters at halftime, and a collection of can't miss commercials that will be debated over the next couple of days. And, oh yeah, a game with those upstart Arizona Cardinals trying to knock off the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers. Invite the friends! It doesn't sound like a bad way to spend a Sunday. —Dave Roeder

The Office
10:30 pm/ET NBC
Up for a laugh after a tense game? This supersize post-Super Bowl visit with the Scranton office dwellers makes for a fine completion. Unfortunately, Dwight fumbles. His fire-safety seminar goes up in smoke, raising the stress level in the office. To calm the unsettled masses, Michael goes the extra yard by throwing a comic roast of himself. Meanwhile, some staffers secretly view a bootlegged Hollywood flick at work — with Jim and Pam emerging as cinematic gurus. Jack Black, Jessica Alba and Cloris Leachman round out the guest-star roster. —Dean Maurer

Big Love
9 pm/ET HBO
In a household where having children seems to be the most important thing after breathing, how strange is it that dyed-in-the-wool polygamist Nicki is secretly taking birth-control pills, but wannabe wayfarer Sarah winds up pregnant? This is no small matter to Sarah, of course, but there are other problems plaguing the Henricksons tonight, namely, the reappearance of prima donna Rhonda and the fact that Barb learns about her meddling sister's relocation to the area from their mother (Ellen Burstyn). —Joe Friedrich

Wipeout Bowl I: Cheerleaders vs. Couch Potatoes
10 pm/ET ABC
Were the Steelers and Cardinals not enough action for you? Then watch as last summer's hit series Wipeout is reprised with a team of cheerleaders taking on a team of couch potatoes in a run through football-themed obstacles. Michael Irvin reports from the sidelines. —Fred Mitchell

Puppy Bowl V
3 pm/ET Animal Planet
One might think watching puppies run around in circles on a mini football field might get a little redundant, but "cute" just doesn't cut it as an adjective when describing Animal Planet's fifth annual Puppy Bowl. Adoptable dogs (and the halftime kittens) from local shelters cavort on the field, and every single one makes a play for the heart. No wonder it's called puppy love — and if one is so moved, the show also features tips on adopting a pet from a local shelter. —Rhoda Charles