James Roday and  Dule Hill, Psych James Roday and Dule Hill, Psych

10 pm/ET USA
Like most sports fans leading up to Sunday, Shawn and Gus have football on the brain. Of course, their focus is a bit more grisly than your average on-field slaughter after the foot of a professional kicker is discovered. In order to get — wait for it — a foot in the door with the team (groan), the guys sign up for training camp to help with their investigation. —Brie Hearn

Friday Night Lights
9 pm/ET NBC
The overworked Tami finds some much needed relief tonight when Katie McCoy, mother of Dillon's up-and-coming QB extraordinaire, offers to host the annual player's barbecue at her palace — er, house. And while Tami is happy to have the task of hosting off her plate, Eric is less than pleased as he tries to limit Joe McCoy's influence over the team. And speaking of bad influences, Billy ropes Tim into a money-making scheme that has the two on the wrong side of the law. —Brie Hearn

Suite Life on Deck
8 pm/ET Disney
London acting weird is no big deal. After all, she is a bit flighty most of the time. But when she begins acting like Bailey, things get really strange. It all happens when the two girls watch a hypnotist perform on the ship and London falls under a spell. It's then up to the much-annoyed Bailey to find a way to reverse the trance. And while all of this is going on, Cody attempts to impress a Harvard University dean, and Zack tries to get a date with the dean's daughter. —Tim Holland

What Not to Wear
9 pm/ET TLC
There are plenty of resources available for people who want to lose weight, but style guidance for those who've already lost it is a little harder to come by. Fierce and funny fashionistas Stacy London and Clinton Kelly take a look back at the women they've helped who had gone through drastic weight loss, and then had trouble stylishly dressing their new and improved figures. —Karen Andzejewicz

Dog Whisperer

8 pm/ET National Geographic
The dog guru might meet his match when he heads to the Luv-a-Bull rescue organization in Oregon to work with a vicious Chihuahua appropriately named El Diablo, who proves to be one of Cesar's toughest cases yet. El Diablo may be little, but he's a big bully who scares the much larger pit bulls that live alongside him. This dog's aggression is so severe that it requires an extended stay in the host's Dog Psychology Center. —Karen Andzejewicz