Game Show in My Head Game Show in My Head

Game Show in My Head
8 pm/ET CBS
Good-natured fun is the name of the game for this reality competition that puts players at the whim of the voice in their head. Host Joe Rogan challenges people via a hidden earpiece to complete outrageous stunts with the help of unsuspecting passersby. Each task is worth $5,000, and with that much money on the line, players like Shallise Pekarcik, a personal trainer from Salt Lake City who competes tonight, are willing to do almost anything to win. As wacky as this may sound, no one can tell her that any of this was all in her mind when she considers the money that might roll in. — Rhoda Charles

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NFL Playoff
4:30 pm/ET NBC
You have to go back to the 1947 NFL championship at Comiskey Park in Chicago to find the Cardinals' last home postseason game, a mind-blowing six-decade era of ineptitude that ends with today's playoff-opening clash against the reborn Atlanta Falcons. A new coach, quarterback, running back and spirit have turned Atlanta around following last season's 4-12 disaster. Arizona looks to keep Atlanta RB Michael Turner in check in order for Kurt Warner and Co. to fully employ their potent passing attack. Immediately following: The Colts take on the Chargers. — Roger Leister

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8 pm/ET Nickelodeon
Nickelodeon kicks off a theme night of "Kisses & Misses" programming, starting with tonight's iCarly episode. Freddie confesses to Carly in confidence that he's never been kissed. An eavesdropping Sam listens in on this private conversation and then blabs his secret on Carly's Web show. Soon Freddie gets teased endlessly at school, leaving Sam full of regret as she tries to remedy the situation. — Jennifer Sankowski

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True Jackson, VP
8:30 pm/ET Nickelodeon
Nickelodeon's kiss-themed night of programming continues with an episode of True Jackson, VP that finds True being ever-so-helpful to her friends. First she lends a beautiful dress to Lulu for a school dance (not realizing the dress is a one-of-a-kind prototype). Then she gets Jimmy's band booked to play at that very dance. Jimmy's so thankful that he expresses his gratitude to True with a kiss — a powerful one that surprises them both. — Jennifer Sankowski

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Nanny Express
9 pm/ET Hallmark
Vanessa Marcil, often cast as a vixen or villain (or both), trades in her bad-girl image in tonight's original movie. She plays Kate, a nanny facing an uphill battle after she lands a job watching over two rebellious kids who recently lost their mother. The task becomes infinitely more daunting once sparks begin to fly between Kate and the kids' father (Brennan Elliott). Love and loss collide as she tries to get her charges into shape while also helping the family heal. — Brie Hearn

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