Lindsay Price and Andrew McCarthy, Lipstick Jungle Lindsay Price and Andrew McCarthy, Lipstick Jungle

Lipstick Jungle
9 pm/ET NBC
Natasha Bedingfield guest stars in tonight's episode and drives a wedge between Shane and Wendy, who isn't too keen on her husband leaving for a months-long tour with the songstress. Nico, meanwhile, faces a tough battle of her own when a colleague challenges her position at work. Things are not quite so dire for Victory, at least, as she plans the perfect proposal for Joe. — Brie Hearn

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Sugar Bowl
8:15 pm/ET Fox
The Utes had a remarkable season, going undefeated and knocking off a couple of ranked teams in addition to their Mountain West Conference rivals. Now, they're in with the big boys; and at 'Bama, they are big boys. The Tide, anchored by massive offensive and defensive lines, could be a little testy after losing a shot at playing in Miami six nights from now. — Dave Roeder

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Stargate Atlantis
9 pm/ET Sci Fi
Joe Flanigan trades his ace-pilot alter ego for that of a scruffy Sin City gumshoe on the trail of a killer who leaves mummy-like corpses in his wake. The alternate reality tale features cameos by Sopranos alums Steve Schirripa and Frank Vincent, an out-of-this-world makeover and a chilling link to next week's series' finale, proving that what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. — Michael Chant

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100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs
10 pm/ET VH1
Gather round, headbangers, the five-part countdown concludes tonight with the Top 20 hard-rock songs of all time. Will an AC/DC tune rule the roost or will a Zep song rise above? Besides finding out the No. 1 song, hard-rock fans get rare concert footage and some smokin' interviews. — Fred Mitchell

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10 pm/ET ABC
If sports and home makeovers can be "extreme," why can't motherhood (and, for that matter, what better word can describe male mom Thomas Beatie)? Elizabeth Vargas and reporters Juju Chang and Deborah Roberts find examples galore of "extreme motherhood" in this hour exploring the outer edges of maternity. Their topics range from home birthing to serial surrogacy (it sounds worse than it is), and, in one segment, Chang even finds women who find physical pleasure amid the pain of having a baby. — Paul Droesch

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