Tonight's repeat airing of "Weeping Willows" (the episode all of us thought we were going to see two weeks ago), first aired about a year ago near the end of Season 5. Most of you seemed to think that last week's episode wasn't very good... so even though this wasn't new, I would hope everyone was happy to revisit an old favorite. From what I read in the blogs, a lot of you miss episodes like this one. It seems so long since the show actually focused on a member of the team. Last night's tale centered as much on Catherine as it did the crimes. She decides to work off a little steam at a bar and hooks up with a random guy who soon becomes a suspect in multiple murders. The way the crime played out, with the stalker setting up the sleazy pickup artist to take the fall for the murders, was a nice twist, but to me it all took a backseat to the personal life of Ms. Willows. Whether it be Warrick and his wife, Grissom and Lady Heather (or Sara), or finding out that Catherine isn't exactly mother of the year, the episodes ih which you learn more about the cast members we all fell in love with six years ago are always my favorites. With multiple cases every week and two varying shifts this season, none of the cast really get much time to shine anymore, so I think this was refreshing to see again.

Before this episode, I watched two of my all-time favorites back-to-back in syndication on Spike the one where the kid loosens the wheels on the roller coaster and the ultimate CSI gross-out episode where the cheerleader on PCP eats part of another girl. What a great way to leave me in anticipation for four new episodes in a row to end the season. I can't wait to see what this whole "clue" thing is about!