Tonight's episode was called "Valerie Stands Out on the Red Carpet" and she sure did she wore her dress backward. Brilliant moment. This one was yet another that hit home for me. "Room and Bored" got a People's Choice Award nomination and since I've worked as a talent escort for about five PCA's, I was eating all of this up. Let me tell ya, everything they said about what goes on behind the scenes is true. Especially the "Winners are notified in advance" thing, but that doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out since none of the other nonwinning nominees is ever in the audience. Speaking of the audience, it was hilarious when Valerie came back to her seat and the seat filler wouldn't leave. Happens all the time. One time (in band camp?) I was like, "Umm, dude, it's time for you to scram that's Ray Romano's seat," (as I gestured to Ray to do the quick switch before commercial break). The most ironic thing for me with this episode is that I actually escorted Lisa Kudrow to her seat once during one of the years Friends won and she was absolutely sweet. So you know I was enjoying this trip down memory lane.

Other highlights:
 Loved when Melissa Rivers was on the red carpet interviewing Jane Kaczmarek. Loved seeing the TV Guide Channel logo on her microphone rather than E! even more. Melissa's look of nonrecognition was so right on the nose when she was told that the random crew was from The Comeback.
Gigi's breaking down and crying to Valerie was a great scene. Glad Bayne Gibby was given that moment.
Funniest scene was definitely when Valerie read the gift card that came with the flowers from Mickey: "Congratulations from your favorite gay (awkward pause) guy!" Every week Robert Michael Morris gives us at least one priceless facial expression and this was it. Love him.

One nonhighlight is that I truly hate the Paulie G. character, especially since he's never acknowledged Valerie's drunken cell-phone call to him. What's realistic about his character is that there are a lot of TV executive producers with his mean attitude. What's unrealistic is how he shows that meanness to Valerie. Just doesn't happen it has to be behind her back. Now that would be realistic.