Johanna, Cologne, Ashlie and DyShaun, Stylista Johanna, Cologne, Ashlie and DyShaun, Stylista

9:02 pm/ET CW
The Apprentice meets Project Runway tonight in the CW's newest reality show, which mixes business with fashion. Eleven ambitious editors with an eye for style compete to work for Elle magazine's fashion news director, Anne Slowey, by carrying out tasks and completing editorial assignments. The process will be familiar to any reality-TV junkie who knows that the poorest performer gets cut, but as coffee-fetching contestants may soon find out, it really is better to look good than to feel good. — Rhoda Charles

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World Series
8 pm/ET Fox
Football, fall's 400-pound gorilla, is forced into the backseat as the Fall Classic starts at Tropicana Field. In terms of ratings, the Phillies-Rays may not be the matchup Fox wanted, but real baseball fans won't mind. The Phils haven't been in the Series since 1993, and come from a town where championships are hard to come by (the last was in 1983). The Rays had baseball's worst record last year and are in the postseason for the first time. It may not be your father's World Series, but it ought to be good. — Dave Roeder

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Ghost Hunters
9 pm/ET Sci Fi
The Bay State gets the TAPS treatment as teammate Steve Gonsalves puts the gang behind the eight ball for probes of a pool hall and the neighboring tavern in his hometown of Springfield. Then, the team attempts to play hide-and-seek with a ghostly little boy in a 19th-century home in Leominster. Is that you, Casper? — Michael Chant

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Criminal Minds
9 pm/ET CBS
The team has to get inside the mind of a serial killer and ask what possesses the criminal to attempt to cover up the crimes by staging the murders so they appear to be car accidents. — Bill Ecklund

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Top Design
10 pm/ET Bravo
The contenders are separating from the pretenders, as Season 2 advances with five home decorators still hammering away. (Natalie was evicted last week because her futuristic room lacked innovation.) So, we have Nathan, Andrea, Preston, Ondine and Eddie remaining, and they'll all need to lighten up tonight. Their task: construct a room built around a decorative lighting fixture. While one designer will see the light, another will burn out completely. — Dean Maurer

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