Kym Johnson and Warren Sapp, Dancing with the Stars Kym Johnson and Warren Sapp, Dancing with the Stars

Dancing With the Stars
8 pm/ET ABC
It's time to shake things up in the ballroom! Tonight, four new dances will be introduced to this competition: the hustle, the salsa, the jitterbug and West Coast swing. Unfortunately for the recently ousted Rocco DiSpirito, the only way he'll get to experience salsa is if he prepares some as an appetizing dip. And based on how well (or poorly) the celebs tackle this evening's new challenging dances, one of them will be following in the chef's footsteps tomorrow night. — Jennifer Sankowski

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8 pm/ET NBC
Richie gets richer tonight. Actress and celebutante Nicole Richie guest stars as Heather Chandler, a former teen dream and once Sarah's high-school nemesis. It won't be a simple life for Sarah, whose teenage insecurities bubble to the surface upon running into Heather. Worse, in order to stymie a plot involving bombs, Sarah must attend her high-school reunion and go face-to-face with her tormentor. This school crush could escalate into the ultimate catfight. Meow wow! — Dean Maurer

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Rita Rocks
8:30 pm/ET Lifetime
Nicole Sullivan stars as a harried wife and mother, Rita, in this new comedy about a woman who hopes that music can soothe her soul. After losing out on a promotion at work and then arguing with her husband, Rita recalls her youthful dream of being a rock star and decides that it's time to make it come true. Guitar in hand, she forms a garage band with her neighbor and her letter-carrier, but in-between gigs, real life plays on and, as expected, it's not always harmonious. — Rhoda Charles

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CSI: Miami
10 pm/ET CBS
Trying on clothes can be murder. Literally. A young woman dies in a blast while donning the latest fashions at a high-end Miami boutique. Horatio and his crew investigate, and during the probe H makes a startling discovery: Bombshell Julia (the always-welcome Elizabeth Berkley) is becoming increasingly unstable and volatile. — Tim Holland

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At the Table with Anthony Bourdain
10 pm/ET Travel
No topic is off-limits at this dinner party hosted by the refreshingly blunt Anthony Bourdain at celeb chef Wylie Dufresne's New York restaurant wd~50, where the food is just as provocative as the conversation. Bourdain is joined by Ted Allen (Top Chef), nightlife guru Amy Sacco, gossip columnist Chris Wilson and author Bill Buford (Heat), in philosophizing on fine dining, from whether it's morally wrong to pay $1800 for a meal to the ethics of eating foie gras. — Karen Andzejewicz

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