David Duchovny and Natascha McElhone, Californication David Duchovny and Natascha McElhone, Californication

10 pm/ET Showtime
A lot more than food finds its way onto the table when Hank and Karen host a dinner party for an eclectic mix of friends. Mia deduces that, after Hank's recent fling with Sonja (Paula Marshall), he just might be the father of her soon-to-be-born child; and feisty Becca stands up to Sonja's arrogant, opinionated boyfriend (Angus Macfadyen) and puts him in his place. And hovering over the entire meal is the question of whether Karen will accept Hank's marriage proposal. — Ray Stackhouse

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Desperate Housewives
9 pm/ET ABC
Dave Williams is getting creepier by the week, and while he's clearly going after Mrs. McCluskey (why?), he's also weaseling his way into Tom Scavo's head (why?). Tonight, you'll see and hear the first fruits of that bit of intrigue: the Tom-and-Dave (and Orson-and-Mike) garage band. Meanwhile, new kids on the Lane MJ and Juanita will find ways to give their parents (and Susan's boyfriend Jackson) fits. And there's business news involving Bree, Orson, Katherine and Lynette. It won't be pretty. — Paul Droesch

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Mad Men
10 pm/ET AMC
It's not quite business as usual at the firm in tonight's involving episode. Personal lives are mainly at the forefront as Don and an old friend get reacquainted, while Pete gets some unexpected news from his secretary when she informs him that his wife has arranged an appointment at an adoption agency. Also, sultry Joan shows off her prize catch, a fiancé, to the staff at Sterling Cooper. — Ray Stackhouse

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10 pm/ET HBO
Ari's injury of losing to Alan Gray on the golf course last week was compounded by the insult of costing Vince a role in the smoke-jumper film, though it paled in comparison to the studio head's sudden death at the end of the match. Since we're talking about Ari, however, it's not too surprising to see him still trying to cut a deal for Vince at tonight's funeral, of all places, but the response he gets from Alan's former boss could soon make Ari the talk of the town. — Joe Friedrich

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Brothers & Sisters
10:01 pm/ET ABC
Considering that William was more than an adequate provider and helped raise five vibrant Walker children, it's understandable that Nora would cling to the good memories. And even though she took the news of his affair with Holly in stride, the recent bombshell that he also had an illegitimate son just might be the last straw. So when Nora decides tonight to throw herself into the task of getting rid of everything that reminds her of William, you can bet that it will be the mother of all purges. — Joe Friedrich

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