Debra Messing, The Starter Wife Debra Messing, The Starter Wife

The Starter Wife
9 pm/ET USA
After last summer's successful miniseries, Debra Messing is back in the role of discarded Hollywood housewife Molly Kagan, whose happy ending didn't quite stick. Her children's book didn't sell and her latest relationship fell apart. Down but not out, Molly enrolls in a writers' workshop that she hopes will revitalize her career. Also in the season premiere, her ex, Kenny, has career worries of his own when his latest film is shaping up to be a flop. And Joan's new job at a rehab facility could be equally disastrous when she's tasked with babysitting an abrasive new patient. Brie Hearn

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Handy Manny
9 am/ET Disney
Lance Bass is taking a break from the ballroom to reprise his animated role as Elliot in today's episode. Skateboard kid Elliot returns with a new pet rooster, Milton, whose crowing is waking up everyone in town. That leaves Manny desperate to find a way to stop Milton's crowing so neighbors will be happy and Elliott can keep his pet. Joyce Eng

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Degrassi: The Next Generation
8 pm/ET The N
As the popular teen series enters its eighth season, Emma, Manny and Liberty head off to college and face a mini crisis with dorm-room assignments. Meanwhile, back at high school, things are looking up for teen mom Mia as she makes a new friend and gets an opportunity to model shoes; and Darcy's little sister, Clare, transfers to Degrassi and finds herself challenged by a student named K.C. Jennifer Sankowski

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10 pm/ET CBS
You don't have to be an Einstein to know that NUMB3RS is just another crime procedural without Charlie's mathematical formulas and hypotheses. The math twist is what elevates the show and makes it unique. But Charlie lost his FBI security clearance at the end of last season and can no longer work cases. Fortunately, in last week's Season 5 opener, Charlie came to his senses and decided to appeal the Bureau's misguided decision and seek reinstatement. The process begins tonight when Charlie meets with a no-nonsense FBI investigator (Keith Carradine) who has the power to grant or deny the clearance. Also, Don investigates a series of kidnappings at ATMs after one of the victims is murdered. Tim Holland

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South of Nowhere
9 pm/ET The N
The show returns to finish up its third and final season with the first of eight new episodes. Ashley and Spencer are now officially back together, and Ashley wants a real commitment this time. Meanwhile, Aiden attempts to move forward and begins by rebuilding his life. Jennifer Sankowski

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American Idol Rewind
8 pm/ET TV Guide Network
American Idol has many reasons to be fond of Atlanta. Not only is it the place where host Ryan Seacrest began his career, but back in Season 3, this Southern city is where the judges met eventual Idol winner Fantasia Barrino and Top 12 finalist (and eventual Academy Award winner) Jennifer Hudson. Catch the ladies' uncut auditions, as well as Hudson's pre-audition jitters. Jennifer Sankowski

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