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Tonight it was time for Eric to hang up his "Cappy" moniker and head out of the house, and the firefighter went out not in a blaze of glory but with a disgruntled whimper. Sure, Kaysar and Co. staged one of the coolest upsets in Big Bro history, but he could at least have attempted to sway a few more people into keeping him around. Instead the drill-sergeant wannabe is heading home to see his much-talked-about kids. And Eric's secret partner, Maggie, stuck around and got Head of Household. Will she be able to avenge her pal's eviction the way that K got back at the bullies for taking out his partner Michael? Perhaps, but chances are it won't be with such aplomb. Back in the outside world, Julie Chen is more oblivious than the houseguests who have been sequestered in the BB house. Making the whole secret-partner thing a "big revelation" was just lame everyone in the house knew about everyone else. I can't imagine what the next big secret is; I can only hope it turns out to be twice as thrilling as this dull one has been. Also on the outside we saw K's family and Janelle's family trying to analyze their friendship.  Yeah, it is baffling, but I they had to be proud of the outcasts for taking control.