Tonight might have been the best How I Met Your Mother yet. I can't believe that they combined "Charlie Brown," Top Gun and Pirates of the Caribbean. Genius. Love that dopey Ted who reminds me more of Charlie Brown than the ever-hopeful Linus  waiting up every Halloween for a chance to reconnect with his soul mate, the slutty pumpkin. Still adoring Barney. His horny-devil costume paired with the angel who wanted weed was the best. But how cool is it that he donned a penguin outfit in order to stop his friend from making a fool of himself again? "I penguin-suited-up to show you the error of your ways." But the line of the night came from Marshall who said, "Penguins are cool, kind of like black and white ewoks." So geeky, yet that big marshmallow is just so lovable.... And speaking of lovable, I was more than happy when I tuned in to the retro I Love the '80s 3-D flashback and saw my favorite current TV sidekicks commenting on my fondly remembered '80s stuff. Mother's Alyson Hannigan was gamely getting slimed while talking about You Can't Do That on Television. But how could they talk about one of the greatest Canadian TV shows  after Degrassi (old school and new school) and Kids in the Hall  without talking about Alanis and my very first Canadian crush, Alasdair? Then there was Hurley... I mean Jorge Garcia, who astutely remarked that AC/DC's Back in Black was "music that makes you want to drive fast and punch people." The Lost dude also marveled at penny race cars, "Apparently, people had lots of pennies back then and nothing to do with them, so they invented penny racers... and, well, those shoes." Is it wrong to just want to give him a big hug? And then, of course, my Marshall, rather Kevin Weisman, who wistfully wished that he could have been locked in jail with Sir Paul McCartney when the Beatle got tossed in the clink on drug charges. Kev's big burning question for the rock legend? "Who is the eggman?" I'm not really willing to sit in a foreign prison for that info, but if you find out, call me. I've always wondered about that. AC

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