Vampire Diaries Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries
8/7c CW
The sophomore premiere begins where last season's finger-chopping finale concluded, with the diabolical Katherine wreaking bloody havoc and toying with her former lovers, Damon and Stefan. Also, Caroline is hospitalized following her car accident, and Tyler's mysterious uncle Mason arrives in town to comfort the family following the death of Tyler's dad. But Mason has more on his mind than that: He's harboring a dark secret that could unleash more violence in Mystic Falls. — Tim Holland

Destination Truth

9/8c Syfy
Some cities are famous for what their citizens did, and some cities are infamous for what they've done to their citizens. Josh and the team visit the latter kind city, epitomized by Pompeii, the Italian ghost town whose population was wiped out by a volcano, where they hope to find evidence of paranormal activity. The Season 4 premiere also ventures to Africa to search for an uncatalogued creature that allegedly has a taste for human flesh. — Michael Chant

9/8c CW
The story has been told before: A wayward girl is plucked from death row by a secretive government agency and trained to be an assassin. With Maggie Q at the helm as Nikita, the CW generation of viewers gets a new spin on the story (which was featured in a 1990 French film, a 1993 remake and a 1997 TV series), which begins tonight. This assassin has a grudge against Division, the agency that recruited her and then betrayed her. Now on a mission to bring the agency down, Nikita uses Division's own tricks against it as it continues to recruit young women who, like Nikita, once had nothing to lose. — Rhoda Charles

Rookie Blue
9/8c ABC
The rookies were a hit this summer, and ABC has green-lighted them for a second season, but maybe not all of them. Tonight, in the two-hour season finale, they face evaluations to determine whether they'll keep their badges. Things get dicey for Andy and Chris when they make an arrest that inadvertently compromises a major drug sting. Andy goes undercover with Swarek to try to save the operation that winds up putting both their lives in danger. — Fred Mitchell

NFL Opening Kickoff 2010

7:30/6:30c NBC
OK, they may not be the first acts you'd think of for a musical salute to the New Orleans Saints, but the Dave Matthews Band and Taylor Swift are in the Crescent City this evening to help celebrate the team's Super Bowl win and kick off a spanking new NFL season. A reminder for impatient NFL fans who can't wait for the season to start...the big moment is only an hour away. — Dave Roeder

NFL Football
8:30/7:30c NBC
Honest-to-goodness counts-in-the-standings NFL football is back! And as usual, it returns in fine form, with the Super Bowl-winning New Orleans Saints hosting the Brett Favre-infused Minnesota Vikings in a rematch of last year's NFC title game. The Minnesota QB threw a costly interception that helped New Orleans to a 31-28 overtime win in that game, and only recently returned to the team after his customary off-season of retirement hijinks. Expect the Superdome to be rocking, and, did we mention? NFL football is back! — Dave Roeder

9/11 State of Emergency
9/8c History
On 9/11, amidst the chaos and shock, local and national leaders and everyday citizens made critical decisions, often in seconds. This documentary recalls those moments and includes interview footage of such former officials as National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers, and White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card. — Bill Ecklund