Tommy's trying to get some z's in the firehouse while Lou snores and the pipes clank. Me, I'll take the clanking. I got used to that in old, steam-heated New York City apartments. Snoring you never get used to. "I gotta really figure out what it is I want to do and how to do it before I go about doing it, y'know?" he says. Well, yeah but why start now? And thus the problems roll on. Jesus mocks Tommy as the pill stash runs low, and Teddy's security program to keep Janet from the kids is about as safe as the cargo coming into our ports these days. But then Tommy actually comes up with a smart albeit completely immoral, but no surprise there plan to use a lady of the evening to get Lou back in with Sandra. "This is why God invented whores," he says. And here I'd been wondering all this time. Looks like Sheila's got a plan of her own, too, playing the lesbian card. Hey, whatever that situation leads to, it can't get any more mean-spirited for either of them.

"You always promise," little Katie says to Tommy later. Yup. And you're still young enough to believe him, hon, but give it time. Shifting gears, however: Is there any scarier scene than a meeting of the "great minds," Sean and Mike, as they scheme about hitting on chicks at the N.A. meeting? Especially since it'll probably work for a while. Then Tommy thinks Mick's overreacting when he talks about Tommy and Johnny's priest-half brother, Murph, and his relationship with the young boy they saw on the ball field. I hope so, but I wonder, too. At least one of Tommy's schemes pays off, though, as Lou scores big with his whore strategy. Sure, it's a winner, so long as he picks up another job or two to make ends meet. The show distinguishes itself with yet another solid episode this week, but hits an even more notable mark: Has anyone other than Denis Leary ever called Jesus a p---- on TV? No, not Fred MacMurray, people that's just urban legend.