Tommy Lee, <EM>Battleground Earth</EM> Tommy Lee, Battleground Earth
Tommy Lee saving the planet? "It's not your normal thing to go cruising around doing, especially for a guy like me," laughs Mötley Crüe's wildman drummer, who stars alongside rapper Ludacris in the new Battleground Earth

(Sundays at 10 pm/ET, Planet Green), a humorous yet educational competition series about the guys' efforts to go green.

TV Guide: Why'd you get involved with Battleground Earth?
Tommy Lee:
I swore I wouldn't do another reality show, because I just did 'em [NBC's Tommy Lee Goes to College and CBS's Rock Star: Supernova]... but this is way more like a documentary. It's informative, educational, and it was another chance for me to learn about all this green stuff. Because to tell you the truth, bro... I only knew a little bit about this or that.

TV Guide: Can you sum up the show?
It's me and Ludacris traveling around America, bringing awareness to people in a fun, not preachy, way. The whole message of the show is about all the little things we can do that really do make a difference. We [went] around to restaurants and changed all their light bulbs [to fluorescent bulbs]. We were making methane out of cow s--t, which was a trip, and then barbecuing with it!

TV Guide: What else did you do?
There's this really run-down park in Oakland where these kids go to play ball. It was just, like, a dirt field with weeds. So we planted this recyclable, fake grass, and I swear to god it looks like real grass. You can't tell if you're walking on it or laying on it that it's not real!

TV Guide: It's that authentic?
Dude, I'm doing it at my house! I'm ripping my s--t out! You don't have to cut it, no gardener, no nothing.

TV Guide: What are you doing to stay green?
Cutting down on waste: wasted food, wasted water, leaving the lights on. I'll tell my kids, "You guys have got to turn the lights off." I've put motion detectors in [their rooms], so when they're not in there, the lights go off.

TV Guide: You're on tour with the Crüe now. Will you try to get the guys in the band to go green as well?
I don't know if that's going to happen. [Laughs] At one point, we were [considering] getting some biodiesel buses to bus kids and fans into the concerts. I don't know if that's officially running yet, but we were definitely looking into that. Even if it's on normal diesel fuel, people carpooling in on big buses to the show is not bad. It's a little bit.

TV Guide: And every little bit helps, right?
Lee: Sure, and that's really the message at the end of the day.

TV Guide: Any chance you and Supernova would do something again?
That's always possible when Mötley is on hiatus. You'll see in the finale [of Battleground Earth], Supernova played a couple of songs. The finale episode is a benefit concert at the Greek Theatre in L.A. for the reforestation of the Griffith Park area that got beat up in the fires.

TV Guide: We hear that you and Pamela Anderson are back together.
Yeah, she and our two sons have moved in with me. It's awesome, man. We're taking things slow and we'll see how it goes. Things are wonderful. 

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