Tom Cruise Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was a surprise guest at Matt Lauer's Friar Club Roast at the New York Hilton Hotel, and made light of his infamous 2005 Today show interview.

After Cruise joked that Matt and he talk several times a day and vacation together, the mega-movie star started in on the zingers, reports US Magazine.

Cruise jokingly slammed Lauer for continually giving him bad advice, saying "You're the one who told me to talk about Katie Holmes on Oprah!"  As the world will never forget, Cruise underwent major scrutiny after he jumped on Winfrey's sofa as he gushed about his then-new love Holmes.

Cruise also teased that Lauer advised Katie Couric to leave the Today show to go to CBS, where she's received poor ratings and much criticism.

The actor also couldn't help but make fun of Lauer's anchor gig on Today. "I get to go from international locations to movie sets to more international locations to movie sets," then he added, "You sit on a couch all day and interview the car from Knight Rider and cook radishes with Rachael Ray!"

Before he left the stage, he mock snapped, "I can't believe I flew all the way out here - lose my number, you glib putz."

Lauer laughed through Cruise's jabs, and then got one in of his own saying, "Why don't you sit down?" We'll get you a booster seat!"

Are you glad that Cruise and Lauer seemed to have buried the hatchet?