The head of the new Women's Entertainment (WE) network (formerly Romance Classics) took a slam at its rival start-up, Oxygen, at the Television Critics Association press tour. When a reporter asked AMC Networks president Kate McEnroe why there's a need for another women's channel, especially considering that Oxygen continues to struggle in the ratings, the exec said, "I'm not so sure that that is a question of need or a question of content." Ouch. Well, speaking of content, WE's press notes for the upcoming Faye Dunaway-directed short film The Yellow Bird refer to Emmy-winner Cynthia Watros, star of the Fox comedy smash Titus, as a newcomer and have her last name spelled with two s's. Making matters worse, Dunaway couldn't even pronounce it correctly in the press conference (Way-tros, instead of Wah-tros). This would have never happened at Lifetime.