The first time I saw this episode, I was so emotionally distraught about the bus crash and the turmoil that has fallen upon Neptune that I didn't truly appreciate the humor. On second viewing I agree with Veronica: Johnny Damon is probably the prettiest baseball player out there. And I agree with Woody Goodman: I like watching ball games with lots of home runs and heavy hitting. It is just more fun that way  too bad I'm a Mets fan. Either way, I'd be into more baseball and more of Mr. Guttenberg... don't make me rent Three Men and a Baby. Also, loved when Kelvin says to Veronica, "I heard your beard Wallace got nailed, too," when discussing the whole sports conspiracy. And who would have framed Wallace? Does he have any enemies, asks the petite PI? "Well, there's the Klan," he says in his cool, casual way. Genius. Also loving that the coffee shop is named Java the Hut  cracks me up every time. I guess reruns aren't so terrible, as I got to see Logan be his devilishly delicious self again.  AC

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