<EM>House</EM> House

Time for repeats already? Didn't Luke just accept Lorelai's impromptu proposal? No big deal. If I love a show, I'll watch it again two months later. But my feelings about this particular ep still haven't changed. I wanted crazy, flirty, romantic fun from newly engaged Luke and Lorelai. Instead, we got Zima, a used engagement ring and obnoxious, judgmental neighbors. Sigh. At least this time I caught a lot of great stuff I missed while I was pouting. Didja notice

* The huge smile on Luke's face when Lorelai said kids "would be good"? Almost makes up for him not kissing her in the diner right away. Almost.
* The song Grant Lee Phillips was singing on the street corner? "Making you an offer/Still runs great/Looking for a brand-new start/A special one-time deal on a pre-owned car." Um, symbolism, anyone?
* The name of the bar Logan took Rory to was called Rich Man's Show. 'Nuff said.
* Babette's hot line about Luke: "She proposed? (Sighs) Well, at least he has a good ass."
* Paris' witty line about Logan: "That Christopher Atkins wannabe is the reason she's Blue Lagooning it out of Yale."
* Michel's ironic line about Lorelai: "She's treating me like her servant. I'm busy opening her door like Benson."
* Lorelai's funny line about her mother: "I scared you half to death? Well, follow-through has always been one of my problems."
* Rory's ridiculous line about her future: "No more scheduling, no more planning. I will spend my days making ice cream beer floats and take life as it comes." 

Okay, so we didn't witness any fireworks during The Big Moment. And we didn't get to see Luke actually give Lorelai the ring.

(Damn!) But there's never, ever a dull moment in Stars Hollow. And that's always fine by me.