I have to throw away everything I thought about the rockers thus far, 'cause last night's performances turned everything around. Ty almost made me cry, J.D. nearly won me over, Jordis shook my belief in her as the female front-runner and Suzie. Oh, Suzie, somewhere up there Freddie Mercury is smiling. You were the epitome of grace under pressure. Here's how it went down.

Ty: This guy fluctuates so much from week to week that I question his ability to hang in there when the going gets tough. But his take on "You Can't Always Get What You Want" was so right on and religious that it had me contemplating going to weekday mass this morning. I nearly wept like the Madonna.
J.D.: I always thought that J.Diva led a secret life as an E.T.A. (Elvis Tribute Artist), and he confirmed it last night. He really was an Elvis impersonator at one time! And, lawdy, Miss Clawdy, I have to admit that he took care of business with a rollicking "Suspicious Minds."
Marty: Everyone from Fred Durst to Velvet Revolver has covered "Wish You Were Here," but no one has made the Pink Floyd classic sound as aching and emotional as Marty did. He's become the consummate performer.
Jordis: Thankfully, she's no screeching Yoko (check out the Stones' Rock and Roll Circus DVD if you think I'm being insulting to Ms. Ono). But Jordis' admittedly incredible interpretation of "Imagine" wasn't the knockdown, drag-out smash it could have been. When compared to Suzie's performance a little bit later on, that is.
MiG: With or without INXS, MiGgy is a bona fide rock star. "Live and Let Die" was the perfect mash-up of danger and dramatics. Check out that Ted Neeley-like falsetto wail! If this contest doesn't pan out for him, maybe MiG can go back to the theater as "Jesus Christ Superstar."
Suzie: Just behind MiG's, Suzie's performance was the showstopper of the night. Considering Queen often used a prerecorded tape of the operatic parts in "Bohemian Rhapsody" when they played it live, Suzie's (and the house band's) fully live performance was even more incredible. If this contest doesn't pan out for her, maybe the producers of the We Will Rock You musical would be open to a female lead.

Bottom three? Your guess is as good as mine.