<EM>Gilmore Girls</EM> Gilmore Girls
Reverend Lavory was not unsavory, just a tad quavery feeling bravery from his garden. An infected sailor, luckily was a failure, badly needed a jailor and no pardonMolly Anne's dress looked like it was from JC PenneyThe flowery one in the church where the dangers were manyThe sailor said his blood was a great fertilizerIt didn't make him wiser, it made him the KaiserUntil Cavenaugh shot the clown dead with his electro-zap gun...I wonder...HOW DID IT FEEL?

Sorry, I think I've been listening to too much Bob Dylan lately. Having been down the religious route himself (Saved anyone?), I'm sure Bob would be glad to see a reverend depicted in a redeeming light. Who am I to disagree with the Great White Wonder? That Lavory turned out to be a victim who came to his senses rather than a fanatic indicates a maturity in the writing that other shows of this ilk lack. Having faith in something bigger doesn't necessarily make you a psychotic (although sometimes you are). However, I can't let a discussion of this tale go by without citing the best zinger I've heard all year. Responding to Lavory's apocalyptic rants, Ramsey observes that "People have been predicting the end of the world since the dawn of time, and to date, exactly zero of them has been right." Amen.   GJD