How gross was it to watch the woman at the hot-dog cart basically explode? But that was nothing compared to the creep-out factor at the fact that this weird alien infection can be passed sexually

and that it can reproduce. Alien babies? That just doesn't sound good, since these aren't the nice little extraterrestrials like the ones on

Alien Nation. (On a side note: As someone who is eight-months pregnant, I think those aliens were onto something with the males of the species bearing children.) But back to Threshold, I can't believe Elizabeth Berkley is really dead. I mean, it just seemed too easy to kill her. Plus, for an alien she was kinda cool, smart, intelligent and definitely sexy. Not that Carla isn't a knockout in her own right, but it was fun to have a sexy femme fatale around. And I so don't trust Molly's new big boss. It seems like he's got a bit of a hidden agenda. Maybe it's just me.   AC

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