Lindsay Lohan by Kevin Mazur/ Lindsay Lohan by Kevin Mazur/

West Coast News Editor Anna Dimond and I rendezvoused this afternoon for an IM chat as we each sampled Lindsay Lohan's new single, "Bossy". Listen in. - Mickey O'Connor

dimondisforever: ll right. I'm ready to get "Bossy." You?
ohmickeyursofine: Not since "Rumors" have I heard such heartfelt emotion
dimondisforever: a. Agreed!
ohmickeyursofine: This song is produced to within an inch of its life, but it's not un-catchy
ohmickeyursofine: Lyric check: "Stop touching me without permission" Yikes!
dimondisforever: otally. I think it's primed and ready for the club remix...a little soulless for Ne-Yo
dimondisforever: ut the lyric check may be a message to media? Should we be taking note? She does "want to shine for" us...
ohmickeyursofine: Yes, but i think it's OK because she's just a little bossy
dimondisforever: ait, is she? Did she say that yet?
dimondisforever: r an invitation...Or maybe it's her previewing the next phase of her career?
dimondisforever: er bratty roots shine through though: "If I want it, I get it now." So true.
ohmickeyursofine: I don't know why, but all the echo effects remind me of the hollowness of J. Lo's "Waiting for Tonight" — is that crazy?
dimondisforever: o, it has that tinny echo
ohmickeyursofine: Too many la-la-las
dimondisforever: eaving room for a thick hip-hop remix (insert the bass line)
ohmickeyursofine: I mean, let's just say it: The lyrics sound like they were cribbed from an 11-year-old's diary
dimondisforever: amn straight! Not to mention, I feel it's like a hook without anything hanging on it
dimondisforever: re we selling her and Ne-Yo short though? Could the hollow sound and puerile lyrics simply be a metaphor for her experience in Hollywood?
ohmickeyursofine: I wonder if she thinks her experience has been hollow. i mean, what else does she have to compare it to? ages 0-8 on Long Island?
dimondisforever: OL. Good point.
dimondisforever: K, so: How's it going to play on the charts/dance floors/top 40 stations? Is this '08's "Umbrella" waiting to open?
ohmickeyursofine: I'm picturing all the ladies in the house loving the chorus
ohmickeyursofine: "I'm just a little bossy/I like it how I like it when I like it and that's just how it is"
ohmickeyursofine: I think her voice overall is pretty thin though. she should have gone the Scarlett route, explore the husk and depth of her voice
dimondisforever: hat was the most disappointing part for me
dimondisforever: I was waiting to be wowed by a sound that was surprising
ohmickeyursofine: Yeah, i think that's it — nothing surprising about it at all
ohmickeyursofine: I think i might need to see the music video before i make up my mind for sure though

What did you think of Lindsay's new song?