William Petersen by Robert Voets/CBS William Petersen by Robert Voets/CBS

As you sit down this Thursday night to watch the "Lying Down with Dogs" rebroadcast of CSI, keep the following fun facts in mind:

1) The PSA at the end of the episode for the ASPCA (the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) features William Petersen's dog Bruno. Bruno has appeared in episodes of CSI as Grissom's dog.

2) The "fighting dogs" were actually playing, and it was through editing and sound that aggressive behavior was portrayed. These two dogs were brought up together and trained to do this all under the supervision of the American Humane Society.

3) The dog attacking and biting the other dog in the fight was actually biting a doll.

4) The blood used was a mixture of Karo-type syrup, and the dogs loved it. (Producers had to film quickly before the dogs ate it all!)

5) The dog graveyard was made up of all foam-cast animals. Production had to bury a bone under the rubber-cast body of the woman so that the dogs would "attack" it, otherwise they would just run about with their tails wagging.

6) Dennis Christopher (who plays the homeless guy in both last week's "Cockroaches" and in "Laying Down with Dogs") has a million credits, most notably the lead in Breaking Away, for which he won a lot of awards (including a Golden Globe).

7) The actor who played the animal-control officer was Chris De Rose, a noted animal activist and founder of the organization Last Chance for Animals (LCA).

8) The "Homeless Box City" is actually under an approach to the Golden State Highway in Burbank.

9) Whenever dogs were on the set, so was a representative for the American Humane Society.

10) The "dying" dog in the fight was filmed at high speed, and the footage then slowed down to create the illusion that the dog was barely moving.

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